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What is an Exterior Post and Panel Sign?

Post and Panel signs have a very broad application. Even though these signs are basic in their structure, they offer a wide range of design flexibility and features. Additionally, they are popular due to their budget-friendly cost while offering basic to high-end appearance and durability.

Post and Panel signs offer high visibility, affordability, and durability all of which make them a favorite option for communities, businesses, real estate, and large construction projects. So what exactly defines a post and panel sign and what are the options available?

The Basics of Exterior Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs are considered freestanding signs in the industry as well as municipalities. Post and panel signs are defined by their two main components: the panel(s) and the post(s).

While in execution an exterior post and panel sign is a simple signage solution, they are fully customizable with a variety of materials, post and panel quantities as well as finishes. These options allow for both simple economy-level post and panel signs for temporary real estate or construction signage up to high-end design finish for businesses!

Sign Components: The Panel(s)

As would be expected, the panel of a sign constitutes as the face of the sign itself. Some of the popular materials for a sign face are wood, aluminum, aluminum composites, PVC, or high-density urethane (HDU). Each of these materials has a unique set of attributes to match the large range of application.

In addition to the variety in the physical panel, the finish and appearance of the content can also be fully customized. The two primary styles to display content are with digitally printed graphics and with carved sign panels.

Digitally printed vinyl graphics are probably the most economical and most flexible regarding image detail. This finish can be applied to flat surfaces only. Vinyl graphics come in a range of materials, laminate finishes (gloss or matte), and can be used on any surface (single or double sided).

Similarly, carved panels can be either single or double-sided. This finish offers a more upscale appearance as well as the most durable as the sign is finished with automotive-grade paint. Carved panels provide a dimensional aspect to the sign that creates a more interesting appearance.

Additionally, the sign panel can be created in custom shapes, edge designs, and colors to make that sign pop!

For more on the materials available for post and panel signs check out this blog!

Sign Components: The Post(s)

The posts serve as the supporting structure to which the panel is mounted. Smaller signs can mount to a single post. Either mounted directly on the post itself or suspended from an arm extending from the post. For larger signs, you will typically see several posts with single or multiple flat panels mounted to the posts.

Just like your panels, the posts can be made from several materials depending on the appearance, durability, and budget needs. Wood is the basic post material and can be either pressure-treated or cedar depending on design and budget.

To add a little better appearance to the wood posts, you can add a PVC sleeve. This not only helps with appearance but requires less maintenance than exposed wood.

Another popular option, aluminum, is certainly a little more expensive but also adds strength and durability.

double sided, rectangular pvc panel with printed graphics mounted between two painted wooden posts for a real estate company
Double sided, rectangular PVC panel with printed graphics mounted between two painted wooden posts.
single sided, custom shaped acm panel with vinyl graphics mounted on posts with pvc sleeves and caps.
Single sided, custom shaped ACM panel with vinyl graphics mounted on posts with PVC sleeves and caps.
double sided, carved hdu sign panel(s) mounted between carved painted wooden posts.
Double Sided, carved HDU sign panel(s) mounted between carved painted wooden posts.

The Uses, Applications and Style Choices for Exterior Post and Panel Signs

Even though these signs are basic in principle, there are many options to create a more elegant appearing sign. Options such as trim, molding, different style caps, and ornamental posts offer quite a bit of interest to the sign

Businesses and organizations use post and panel signage to announce a sale or lease of a property as well as a business or site identification. These signs also serve as a staple for wayfinding. Another advantage is that the installation of this style of sign is fairly inexpensive. Post and panel signs can be easily set up at a construction site or advertise a new business.

Another good example of a more permanent post and panel sign is a directional sign. You can find them at shopping plazas, malls, or even at large office buildings. For a permanent directory sign, more durable materials such as aluminum are recommended. Slats are a great option because they can be easily changed to revise directions or update new tenants.

Just to summarize, exterior post and panel signs are a great way to communicate with the public your message. Whether it is site identification, real estate opportunities, business identification, or wayfinding, the options provide permanent or temporary opportunities that will meet your budget.

Why Shop Local and Contact a Local Sign Company?

When it comes to acquiring the perfect exterior post and panel sign for your business there are many things to consider. These considerations of course include the material of the posts, panels, and graphic finish. Honestly, though, these are just pieces of the puzzle.

While post and panel signs provide an affordable and diverse branding option, there are stipulations as to what is permitted in any given area. Permitting is a crucial step in the signage process for any exterior sign. One of the many benefits of working with a local sign company is the ties to the community and the knowledge of the permitting process ensuring a smooth and pain-free process.

Another benefit is the one-stop, start-to-finish capabilities. Here at Paramount Signs, we will work with you from sign concept, through material selection, design, production, permitting, and installation. By working and shopping locally you allow for a streamlined and personal process where you get to forge a relationship with the team working on your sign!

Post and panel signs are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to business signs and branding. We want to work with you through any sign, branding, and decorating need your business may have.

We believe that by shopping locally, we are shopping smart!

Contact the experts at Paramount Signs today to learn more about what we can do for you!

We believe that getting you noticed is Paramount!

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