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Outdoor Signage Is As Important As Your Website

Outdoor signage is an essential and effective marketing tool that creates a unique brand image for local businesses. It can be used for both branding and advertising. As with online media, there are a few basic traits of signage that you should be aware of.

It is important to note, that every township, landlord and area has different laws in place on where you can put signage, and how large it can be along with other restrictions. In general, however, there are a few common rules for business signage to keep in mind when trying to lure more customers into your place of business.

Types of Outdoor Signage

There are so many types of outdoor signage, for reference we have compiled a list of some of the most common categories.

Pylon signs are typically the type of sign you would see at a shopping center with all the stores listed. Pylon signs are typically on posts and the sign cabinet does not actually touch the ground

Monument signs are those signs that have a base or the cabinet touches the ground. They also are used for shopping centers but are also seen as directories in business parks and entrance signs for residential developments.

Channel letter signs are typically seen on storefronts. These signs consist of individually mounted letters either directly to the wall or mounted on a raceway as a complete set.

Wayfinding signs are used to help inform and direct people to a destination. These can be directory signs that list the business or tenants on location. They also can be directional to help individuals navigate a property or area to a specific destination.

Basic considerations regarding signage

Location, Location, Location

Location is extremely important. Where you place your signage is where you will be branded. The people who drive by that location will begin to know who you are and what you have to offer and also become your local clientele.

Signage is considered one of the most important elements of visual communication and much of a company’s success is based on how well you can make visual communication with the public.

When placing signage there are two places it is critical to focus on. It is essential to have signage in proximate location to your business, as most people shop where they live. Additionally, it is essential there is signage onsite so that people actually know you exist.

Still don’t think the signage is important? A study conducted by FedEx showed that 76 percent of consumers visited a store they never knew existed based on a sign. Another 75 percent recommended a business based on signage alone.

Size has a significant impact

Size definitely matters when it comes to signage but not just the overall size of the sign. Components within the design features of the sign itself such as font and shapes as well as the surroundings also play a huge part in a signs visibility. It is important to remember that when it comes to signage, bigger is not always better. Sometimes having a sign that is too big can be a distraction and take away from your message. Placement and content of signs is key in causing people to read your message or pass it on by without ever knowing who you are.

Does Digital Signage have a bigger impact?

There is a big debate going on regarding the use of digital signage:

  • Is it worth the cost?
    • Does it convert better than traditional signage?
    • Can it be implemented into billboards and other outdoor signage?

The answer to all of these questions is “yes.”

Digital signage has taken over the advertising industry. Yes, there are still traditional billboards that require the pasting of banners, but digital billboards are slowly saturating the market. The cost to create an ad is less, as it can be done on a computer and does not require labor to climb and paste the signage.

With improvements to digital signage over the years, it is less expensive to maintain and easier to change. It is especially effective if you have a need to change your messaging, branding or even company name.  Imagine having a sign that you paid good money for, only to go through a re-branding a month or two later. You’ll need to change all your signs, which will mean expenses related to creating, removing, and replacing your signs with your new message. Digital signage only requires a few keystrokes, and your message is changed.

Summary on exterior Signage

In this digital age, there may be less of a perceived need for physical signage, in reality, signage is as important as a Website because it tells people who you are and where you are located. Think of signage as a silent salesperson for your brand. It advertises for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Signage can generate an additional 75 percent to your customer base and referrals, according to numerous studies.

When deciding what sign suits your business best keep in mind sizing, location and content in order to attract customers. As the industry evolves digital signage is more and more prevalent, providing yet another component to consider.

There is a saying in the sign industry that “A business without a sign is a sign of no business”

Unsure where to start? At Paramount Signs we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect sign for your needs. Our team is well versed in the laws of signage, our creative staff works to ensure maximum impact from your sign. Contact us for a free quote.

Contributing content by Brian Horvath from his article “Why Outdoor Signage Is As Important As Your Website”  is a freelance writer from Michigan and founder of MyBusinessTalk. He is a journalism graduate and a regular contributor to numerous online magazines and journals.

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