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File Types

We accept the following types of graphics files:

  1. EPS
  2. PDF
  3. AI
  4. TIFF
  5. JPEG

Vector artwork (eps, pdf, ai) is preferred.

What’s the difference between Raster and Vector Files?

Raster files: Raster files are made up of pixels; individually these pixels are worthless but all together they make up a picture. Raster images are common for photographs, scanned artwork, and non-line art as they include subtle gradations. The issue is when these files are blown up they become pixilated, colors do not stay true and the image quality is poor.

Raster files include: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, and BMP files

Vector Files: Vector files are based on mathematical formulas and shapes to create structured images, graphics, and uniform colors. Vector files are more easily malleable making them more versitle and flexible to use. These files are perfectly scalable making them ideal for large format prints!

Vector files include: AI, EPS, SVG, and sometimes PDF

vector art for website
raster art for website 1 2048x1024 1

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