is your business ready to utilize vehicle Graphics?

Thinking about a wrap or graphics for your vehicle? Not sure where to start?  

9 Million

Other cars passed by a vehicle driven at least 15,000 miles per year


Consumers can recall details about a vehicle wrap after seeing it only once


People who potentially see the average vehicle wrap in a given day

Need more reasons to include vehicle graphics or wraps in your advertising package? Vehicle graphics increase brand recognition more than other modes of advertising. This makes sense because other forms of advertising are static and depend on the visitor finding them, whether in print, upon a billboard, or on the radio. Vehicle ads bring your message to the consumer. They are the lowest cost per impression of any advertising medium! 

car decals

Decals & Lettering 

Vehicle Lettering and Decals is essentially the entry-level to vehicular advertising. Your logo, contact info, and services can be applied to the sides, hood, and back of the vehicle. Lettering is the least expensive and simplest option. 

Partial Vehicle Wraps

A partial wrap refers to a design where the majority of your vehicle is covered in vinyl, typically up to 75%. These designs incorporate the color of your vehicle into the design. Partial wraps allow you to maximize your space compared to lettering while saving on cost in comparison to a full wrap. The visibility of the vehicle paint can deter people from this option.  

acacia dodge promaster van 1 passanger scaled 2
vehicle wrap graphics 6

Full Vehicle Wraps 

A full wrap entails applying vinyl to the entire exterior of the vehicle including sides, hood, and potentially the windows and roof depending on the vehicle. Full wraps allow the most space for branding but are the most expensive option. 

Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are a great way to brand your vehicle part-time. Easy application and removal allow for your vehicle to only represent your business when you want it to. As a temporary option, this style is also the least expensive but won’t make as strong an impression.  

branded truck magnet

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