When it comes to driving business, vehicle wraps are an unparalleled advertising tool. Vinyl wraps provide the means to customize your entire fleet to function as a mobile advertising service. Whether you have 3 vehicles in your fleet or 40+, a bold wrap makes all the difference. We want to help transform your commercial fleet with custom wraps and graphics!

Research shows that vehicle graphics and wraps are one of the most effective means of advertising for the cost. The impressions per day of a wrap are in the neighborhood of 30,000-70,000. Not only do you gain considerable exposure, but studies also show that fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than other advertising options.

3 Reasons to utilize Commercial Fleet Graphics instead of Painting

  1. Paint offers limited options as far as color, pattern and complexity. Vinyl allows for an appearance that looks painted from afar while giving you full creative control!
  2. Vinyl graphics protect the paint underneath which in turn can drive up the resale value down the line.
  3. Unlike the permanence of paint, vinyl allows for your fleet graphics to change as your business does. Vinyl can be removed and updated without damage to the car. This also makes this option far more budget friendly.

What are the types of Vehicle Wraps for a commercial fleet?

food bank van

Full Vehicle Wraps:

A full wrap covers the entire exterior of your vehicles creating the painted look. By fully wrapping a car or truck with vinyl you are able to fully transform it.

While vinyl wraps are an economic alternative to painting a vehicle, a full wrap is the most expensive style of wrap. With that in mind it is important to remember that this style provides the largest area for advertising.

A full wrap is an investment in your company and will pay for itself!

Partial Vehicle Wraps: A partial wrap covers up to 75% of the vehicle. This style incorporates the color of the paint into the design.

Partial wraps still allow for bold graphics and a cohesive fleet appearance, but it typically provides for an easier install process and overall is a more budget friendly solution. Partial wraps are great for fleets with all vehicles in the same color, but if that is not the case then a full wrap may better suit your fleet.

A partial wrap serves as the best of both worlds between upfront cost and visibility.

acacia dodge promaster van 1 and 2

Decals, Logos and Lettering for Vehicles: This style allows you to capitalize on the perks of advertising with your fleet, while keeping cost and appearance more simple. This option is the cheapest way to wrap your car or truck available.

Decals typically include your logo, services, and contact info. This style does not pack as large a punch as the other options and there is less cohesion between vehicles. For some businesses this pushes them to spend a little more and get something more intricate, but for others a simple vinyl decal package fully covers their needs.

Budget friendly does not mean it won’t get you noticed!

Vehicle Wrap Process: Tru North HVAC

We recently had the opportunity to work with Tru North Heating and Air Conditioning who is working hard to grow their business by providing exceptional service to their customers. As the business grows the owner knew it was time to extend their brand with commercial fleet graphics.

When the owner contacted us he had a great start in their rebrand including a completed (vector) logo and a vision for the trucks and vans within his fleet.  As we surveyed each vehicle for size, we discussed in detail the options for graphics that would fit the specific vehicle.

Our designer worked to create a consistent format and layout between each vehicle to maintain continuity as well as easy recognition. Even though the vehicles are very different, and they selected the decal style, it’s important that at a quick glance, the community knows the vehicle is a Tru North van.

logo png 2
Single Color Logo Provided by Customer.

One element that the owner had envisioned was the inclusion of reflective vinyl for the logo crest so that it would easily illuminate at night when lights hit it. By mixing the traditional vinyl for the graphics with the reflective crests we were able to create a bold new look for the fleet. We still have a few vehicles left in the production queue, but those on the road have already increased visibility!

The owner and his crew have been ecstatic over the completed wraps, which is always great to see!

tru north 2015 transit 1 1
Graphics on Transit.
tru north 2018 chevy 4
Graphics on Chevy Box Truck.
tru north f250 1
Graphics on an F250 with a utility body.

If you are considering wrapping a single vehicle or an entire fleet, contact us today and we can help you get started. Regardless of the styles of vehicles in your fleet, with the right design we can transform your commercial fleet into a bold advertising force. As a local full service branding and sign company we are here to make the process painless!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT, and that starts with a fresh new wrap!

Contact us for a free quote today!

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