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Custom truck wraps are one of the most effective ways to boost the utilization of your vehicles. They are mobile billboards that allow you to promote your business to more potential customers while simultaneously completing business-related tasks. When your truck travels from job to job and parking in places that are visible to the public, your mobile billboard gains an estimate of 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily without additional costs for as long as you have the wrap.

So what are Custom Truck Wraps?

The term “vehicle wraps” and by extension “Car Wraps” and “Truck Wraps” are defined by the application of vinyl material on part or all of a vehicle. These terms have become synonymous with each other as well as with the term vinyl graphics in general.

With the terminology largely overlapping it can be difficult for business owners to properly request what they are looking for. There are significant differences in material, pricing, and design for the different types of wraps or graphics you may want for your business. This means it’s important to be clear in your request to your sign shop about what exactly you are looking for.

Since trucks come in a wide variety of configurations such as utility bodies, box trucks, flatbed trucks, and more, a little more information is needed to price and design the perfect wrap for your needs. Some of these elements are cab manufacturer, year and style, wheelbase, and box sizes for the sides and back. Also, pictures of the truck help significantly to make sure the design avoids any obstructions in the image as well as help the estimator determine to installation time.

What are the different types of Custom Truck Wraps to consider?

Full Truck Wraps:

Full truck wraps are the most noticeable and effective means of grabbing the attention of potential customers and making a positive and lasting impression. Since the entire truck is covered, you maximize the amount of space you have to display impactful and memorable advertisements. A secondary benefit to full wraps is that it acts as a protective layer of your vehicle’s original paint. While full wraps have the potential to make the largest impact, they also come with the highest price tag and are not the best solution for every style of truck depending on style and configuration.

full vehicle wrap in green and blue for quality degree heating and air.
partial vehicle wrap for acacia including a red swoosh shape and logo/branding.

Partial Truck Wraps:

A partial truck wrap is exactly what it sounds like, these wraps cover traditionally 30%- 70% of the truck.  Despite being less drastic, they are still highly effective in reaching leads that don’t usually pass by your facility or office. For complex trucks with utility bodies and functions, a partial wrap can be the perfect way to create a bold finish without risking failure points!

Lettering and Decals for Trucks:

Cut graphics are a great option for smaller budgets and are very effective at making your vehicle look professional and reputable. Graphics help to show your logo, services, and contact information to inform the general public about your business and how to get in touch with you. Additionally, utilizing cut graphics allows for branding to be applied to any style of vehicle cohesively. Unlike full and partial wraps which vary greatly depending on the specific vehicle, cut graphics can remain consistent across any vehicle and machinery you may have.

lettering/ logo for gritz pools on the door of a flat bed truck.

What are the benefits of investing in custom truck wraps and lettering?

It creates a professional and reliable image:

When people see your branded trucks, they know that your truck is a legitimate business vehicle with experienced employees on board. It will set customers at ease when performing services at a client’s house knowing this is the business they requested service from.

Most cost-effective exposure:

Studies show that wraps are one of the lowest cost-per-impression forms of advertising out there. Additionally, the other advertising venues typically have a recurring fee that you must pay to keep the program active. A wrap will give you exposure 24/7 to promote your business as frequently as you’d like without additional costs.

Low maintenance:

Wraps will last for five to seven years with little to no maintenance. We use only premium-grade vinyl that has been tested with our printing processes that result in a product incredibly resistant to fading and other minor damages. They are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to invest in fuss-free advertising solutions that can generate quantifiable solutions for a long time.

How can Paramount Signs Help You!

Paramount Signs has been producing effective visual branding, marketing, and advertising solutions for businesses in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties for years. By focusing on a customer-centric approach, our custom truck graphics and wraps will expand your brand image exposure to your target audience’s preferences.

Paramount Signs has the knowledge, experience, and drive to make your brand excel to the next level.

Contact the experts at Paramount Signs today to get started! 

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