realty one large wall

To be competitive today, you must take advantage of every opportunity to make your business stand out amongst the crowd. One way to make that happen is to use all your available marketing real estate by adding creative, artistic wall murals and graphics to your space. 

From full coverage wall murals to smaller custom wall graphics, decals, and designs, the experienced design team at Paramount Signs can develop and produce a solution that will optimize the marketing opportunities of your space that benefit you and your brand. We will work collaboratively with you to create a wall mural or graphics package that meets or exceeds your goals while respecting your budget. 

Five of the many reasons why should utilize wall Murals and graphics:

Expand your brand presence:

When you include wall mural and graphics into your interior decorating you multiply the areas for branding! Make use of those boring walls with logo graphics, core values, brand imagery, and mission statements. These all will impress your customers by showing your pride in your business and the culture that makes you so special.

Motivate your employees:

With new wall graphics, it’s easier for you to engage your employees and keep them happy. A recent study by Censuswide for Fellowes Brand revealed that improvements to the workplace can boost productivity by 50%. Similarly, it has been shown that implementing certain colors and visual elements can have a huge impact on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing! Creative graphics may help to bring positivity to your work environment and influence the quality of work produced by your employees long-term.

Create an environment that suits your business:

Calming, invigorating, artistic, modern; the right graphics can also improve the reputation of your business. Clients who visit your business will be impressed with your wall wraps. Be sure to choose a wall wrap that is a close representation of your business.

Easy Maintenance:

One of the biggest appeals to a vinyl wall mural/ wall wrap is that they are easily cleaned with just soapy water and a soft cloth. This keeps the vibrancy of the image while also lowering maintenance costs! As an additional bonus there are laminates available to reduce graffiti! No more repainting every few years.


Wall murals and graphics, as well as decals are surprisingly cost-effective. They’re ideal for capturing the attention of your guests and visitors, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and conveying your brand message. While we do recommended conducting a survey with an adhesion test to ensure the best fit for your wall, there are many low cost materials available!

cbs wall graphic 1
Cut Vinyl graphics package used to label rooms throughout office in a fun and branded way!
realty one large wall
Full Coverage ‘focal wall’ wall mural with brand icons scattered around it.
dynamic wall 2 1
Printed and Cut logo applied above lobby desk!

What rooms are Wall wraps perfect for?

Medical Offices and facilities



Business offices

Athletic facilities

And much more!

So how do wall wraps work?

Wall wraps are typically made from applying removable adhesive vinyl to your walls. This process allows us to digitally print any image onto the vinyl and then apply it to nearly any surface. This same process applies for lettering, logos and other decals but there are also solid color materials some customers prefer.

Wall Murals could be in the lobby of your corporate headquarters to greet prospective clients. They work well when applied to the halls of your office interiors or exhibition space or showroom. They can also be applied to exterior walls including textured walls such as concrete, brick, and stone.

There are different materials for specific applications. Whether you need interior or exterior graphics, wall wraps are durable in any environment and built to last so that your advertising efforts hold up over time.

Using the wrong material or installing your graphics incorrectly can lead to wall graphics peeling or damaging your paint. Fortunately for you, Paramount Signs has the experience and knowledge of specific applications of each material. Many times we will perform an onsite adhesion test to make certain the proper material is used for your specific application. We use only the highest-quality materials that are designed for your specific application resulting in a durable solution that will look great and stand up to the test of time. 

If you are interested in making your business stand out and be memorable to your customers, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation and add wall wraps to your marketing and advertising arsenal.

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