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When it comes to promoting your business there are many ways to go about it ranging from online advertising to face-to-face promotion and everything in between! While the past few years of personal interactions have been limited, they are coming back with full force! One of the most effective avenues for you to make a personal connection with prospective customers is at trade shows and other conventions.

One of the beautiful things about large in-person events like trade shows is that it doesn’t matter how large of a business you have, there is space for you! For those who have experience in the trade show style circuit, a lot of time has passed and it is probably time for you to update your displays! For those just starting out, we can help you get started!

Trade Show Displays For the Small Business or Someone New to the Scene: 

To have a successful trade show booth you don’t need to go crazy. While the bold and complex trade show booths definitely have their appeal (more on them later), for someone just starting out or just looking for the basics there are a few products that are a must-have!

1. Table Throws

Table throws are a great everyday item for any possible event you may have, not just trade shows! Any table can be transformed with a custom, branded table throw. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes! They are a great way to put your logo and branding as well as contact info on your booth for prospective clients to see. Graphics can go on the front, sides, and top of the throw.

Use this table to put brochures, samples, products you sell, etc., and create a professional and established image with one simple affordable piece! Want to know the best part? Table throws can be folded up and are easy to transport and store until their next use.

table throw for trade show
banner and a-frame at event

2. Hanging Banners

Trade shows are not limited to big corporations. Hanging banners work well to help potential customers find your booth. These are fabric displays that hang from the ceiling making your location easy to find amongst the maze of booths. These typically come in round, square or triangular shapes. Being lightweight, they are easily suspended from ceiling trusses.

Banners work for both interior and exterior events and can be customized to any length you need! These serve as an affordable, easy-to-transport sign solution that gets attention from a distance!

3. Retractable Banners:

Retractable banners are another versatile and easily stored item you need to make a splash at a trade show or any other large in-person event. These banners stand tall and give you a large canvas to display all your detailed information in a visually appealing way! At the end of the night simply collapse the banner and put it back in its traveling case and it’s ready for your next event!

As your business, offerings, or booth get larger you can add additional pieces with cohesive branding to allow for a more detailed and impactful display. You can also change out the banner from year to year to keep costs down as your branding changes!

retractable banners designed for trade show

Trade Show Displays For the Business Growing and Looking to Expand its Displays: 

branded pop up display wall for trade show

4. Fabric Display:

For the regular trade show attendant, there are many new options out there as well as ways to refresh your display. “Soft” or fabric displays have become quite popular. Because of their ease of assembly, they have become a favorite for the setup team. This style display can be assembled and in place in a matter of minutes leaving more time to focus on your customers. Also, because of their lightweight and compact size when collapsed, transport and storage cost is significantly reduced. The soft displays are available in many configurations. From a single pop-up wall to a full booth with privacy spaces, counter configurations for product display, front or back-illuminated, and more.

Already have a fabric display? That’s perfect because the frame can be recovered with a new, updated graphic and messaging.

Overview of Trade Show Booth Display Options: 

There are trade show display products to fit every budget. You can start your display with a simple table throw and a retractable banner and grow from there. Adding additional retractable banners to focus on specific products and services makes it easy for your customers to see exactly what you have to offer and how you can help them solve their specific needs.

To add more functionality to your booth, you can include brochure stands for your tabletop or a floor-standing brochure stand. Spotlighting for your backdrop wall is also a great option to make your booth pop. Floor graphics are also a great option for wayfinding and displaying products and specials. These products can be produced in durable vinyl that is easily removed at the end of the event.

One thing to consider with these products is, at the end of the event, they are all quickly disassembled, packaged, and removed from the venue. The last thing you want to do at the end of a long event is spend hours taking down your display and lugging heavy crates and boxes. Additionally, storage space at your facility will not be overwhelmed with the trade show.

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How Paramount Signs can help: 

We want to help your business get noticed! Our team will work with you to design and produce a whole range of custom trade show displays and products. Regardless of how big your business is, how simple or complex your booth is, and your budget, we can come up with bold creative solutions to get you and your business noticed!

Contact our team today to get started!

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