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On your drive to work today you undoubtedly encountered dozens of brands. Brands surround us in our day-to-day life to the point that we have trouble recalling many of the brands we do see. From signage to vehicle graphics to online ads to logos and social media, brands have a way of infiltrating our subconscious.

Knowing these facts it makes sense that you would want your brand to stand out. But how?

A well-thought-out and cohesive brand is PARAMOUNT!

old skool hvac window graphic 3
The Old Skool logo cut and used as a window graphic to mark their space.
How do I create a cohesive brand?

Contact the pros! By enlisting a seasoned graphic designer in the branding process for your business you gain a cohesive and well thought out package that surely will wow potential customers!

Many elements go into a cohesive brand and graphic designers can help with it all!

In addition to a cohesive brand looking better, it builds trust and credibility in the marketplace. The brand presents your business and what you stand for. With a clean, consistent and professional image you improve your recognition. Furthermore, with consistent branding individuals will more likely recall your brand when they need your service/products.

lewis automotive final logo design
Finalized Lewis Automotive Logo. 
Your Logo:

Many inexpensive online companies claim to create one-of-a-kind logos. The issue with these businesses takes every shortcut in the book. In the end, you likely will have to get the logo redone due to poor quality. When you contact a seasoned professional they can walk you through the process.

Elements like color, font, layout, orientation, and imagery all play a role in the perception of the brand. Color choices must reflect not only the organization (e.g., blue suits banking) but also users’ expectations (e.g., red for alerts; green for notifications to proceed). These elements when used wrong will ensure your business either gets lost in the shuffle or gets remembered as having a poor appearance. For more insight into the elements and process of logo design check out our blog.

A Branding Guide:
paramount branding guide elements
Cover page of Paramount Signs Branding Guide.

Once a logo gets created the working files too often get lost. The versions that remain get saved and sent over and over diminishing the quality. Additionally without access to the working files fonts and colors warp and change through time.

By creating a Branding Guide outlining colors/fonts/ etc. you enable any business you contract to do work for your company to know exactly what they need to do in order to keep the brand consistent.

Having a professional create a branding guide for you allows for a designed and professional appearance of the brand in a clear and concise way. This file can accompany your logo when sent out to contacts as well as function as an internal item.

pike creek sketch
Finalized design for Pike Creek Apartments new monument sign.
Your Exterior Signage:

Once a business plants roots and takes on a physical location, ensuring that the space gains traction and gets noticed is the next order of business. Every space and location has different requirements and restrictions. One size does NOT fit all. Likewise, by hiring a professional graphic designer who specializes in sign design allows for a custom design that fits with your brand, location and budget. A well-rounded sign company can offer any style of signage you could possibly need. This ranges from flat panel signs on the building to intricate internally lit custom monument signs. Don’t forget to include ADA, parking and wayfinding signage in your branding package.

stp boardroom4
Custom window frost and translucent vinyl to create a privacy element to the conference room while also reflecting the feeling of the brand.
Your Internal Signage:

Additionally, once someone enters your space they should gain insight into your business. Interior signage includes elements such as a logo sign in the lobby/reception area. People often don’t realize how much more also counts in this category. Interior signage ranges from items like wayfinding signs to room markers and beyond. In addition to traditional sign styles wall murals, wall and window graphics and window frost can transform your space. These elements combined with traditional signage create a branded oasis for your business.

qd 2019 silverado driver 1
Full coverage vehicle wrap as part of a local fleet fleet in full branded colors.
Vehicle/ Fleet Wraps and Graphics:

The commonality of vehicle wraps and graphics has greatly increased in the last 10 years. Many businesses require vehicles to travel for work (think contractors, delivery services, etc. ). Not only that style of business can benefit from vehicle and fleet wraps. Vehicle wraps generate an estimated 30,000 – 80,000 impressions DAILY. With that many impressions daily, I am sure you can understand the necessity of a quality wrap.

Vehicle wraps and graphics range in style, coverage and design. With that in mind, hire a professional to guarantee your vehicle makes an impression. Graphic designers who specialize in vehicle and fleet wraps will combine elements from your logo, branding guide and overall brand identity to create a custom mobile billboard. In this day and age, it almost hurts your business NOT to utilize vehicle graphics and wraps. While these items can get expensive, a well-designed graphic easily pays for itself in advertising impressions.

pactiv branded ada scaled e1637171954512
ADA interior signs branded with simple logo.
How do I proceed?

When it comes to ensuring your business gets noticed and succeeds, start off on the right foot and contact a professional designer. Here at Paramount Signs our team has experience in the entire process and will happily sit down with you to better understand your vision. Our graphic designers love working directly with customers to bring visions to life. We believe in an interactive design process and want to let your vision come to light. As a small business, all elements of your branding and signage package get the love and attention they need to thrive.

Our designers not only incorporate all the design techniques to achieve the desired emotion, but they understand the actual production and installation aspects. As an additional bonus for contacting Paramount Signs for your branding needs, we design all files in a format compatible with the production

If you want to learn more about how we can help you get noticed, or want to set up a consultation to get started contact us today!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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