Searching for the right building signage?

Building signs and lettering are a great exterior sign option for any business in any setting, location, and for any brand. They are highly versatile signs that can be constructed in many shapes and sizes. These signs are a great way to produce a high-impact result that leaves a memorable mark on all the prospective customers that see it.

  • Raceway mounted signs are modular and attach to the side of a building via a raceway. This option is a great choice when it’s important that there are minimal drill holes in the façade of the building. Sometimes this style is required by the landlord or township.
  • Channel letter signs are one of the more popular sign products. They’re affordable, versatile, and have lighting options that can easily take your branding to the next level. Also, a lighted sign attracts customers day and night.
  • Mounted building signs are designed to lie flush with the building and can be fabricated from a variety of mediums.

A sign that covers a large portion of an entire side of your building is a great way to make sure your name and message are seen from afar. Paramount Signs works closely with businesses to make the entire sign process from branding through installation simple, smart, and streamlined.

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