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An apartment complex that has high-quality, professional-looking signage reflects on the ownership and how they not only maintain the community but also treat their tenants. Each apartment complex has its own design and layout, which means each complex needs a unique signage package. Apartment complex signs range from displaying branding through wayfinding signage throughout the community. When executed properly, you can incorporate designs that also market your brand and attract potential residents to tour your units and potentially sign a lease.

Some Apartment Complex Signs to consider for your community:

Monument Signs and landmark signage:

 It all starts here. Without well-done exterior landmark signage, it can be difficult and frustrating for potential tenants to find your location. This can result in lost sales. Set your property apart from your competitors with a monument sign that is easy to see and creates an unforgettable image that your client will not forget. Incorporating your complex architectural features, your monument sign creates the first impression for visitors and general traffic driving past your location.

While monument and landmark signs come in many sizes and shapes, there are a few styles that dominate when it comes to apartment complexes.

Masonry/ Faux Masonry Monuments

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We have found that masonry/faux masonry posts with branded panels are by far the most popular for apartment complexes. These signs showcase a level of luxury and professionalism in the upkeep of a facility and they mimic the style of a post and panel which is by far the most popular sign overall. Options also include a masonry base with a sign mounted above.

Post and Panel Signs

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Post and Panel Signs are popular because they are affordable and versatile. This style of a panel mounted between two posts ranges from the economy model with wooden posts all the way up to a monument utilizing more permanent upscale posts.

Wall Mounted Signs

monument sign for residential area

Wall Mounted landmark signage works well in conjunction with either a retaining wall or a primary wall. These signs are mounted to the wall making the whole wall ultimately the backdrop for the sign. Many modern communities have a retaining wall along the entrance to showcase the updated landscaping. These signs are a great way to build off of that!

Exterior Directional signage and wayfinding:

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find your way around in a large complex losing time and raising your stress levels. Well-done practical directional and wayfinding signage can make or break your sales opportunity. A tenant that starts their visit with a confusing navigation experience makes your sales effort more difficult. The first impression is already on a negative slope and you have to overcome that experience before you can even start to impress your client with all you have to offer.

Just as there are many styles of monument signs, there are a few styles of exterior wayfinding signs that dominate within apartment complexes worth noting.

Post and Panel Signs

post and panel wayfinding sign within a local apartment community.

One of the many benefits of a post and panel sign is the versatility! They work perfectly in parking lots and around a facility to help with traffic patterns and parking.

Temporary Signs

custom yard sign used as temporary signage within an apartment community to inform about an upcoming event.

If you have an event, are doing construction or need a short term solution, temporary signs are the perfect solution. When it comes to wayfinding yard signs are the most popular.

Wall Mounted Building Numbers & Directional Signs

signs displaying building names and unit numbers to aid in the navigation of local apartment community.

A simple signage package including building numbers, the units within and the street name help with navigation of tenants, guests and delivery workers!

Interior signage systems:

Finding your way within the apartment buildings can be challenging at times. Architects like to create exciting spaces which often means creating confusing routes within the facility. Although these features work to differentiate from competitors, residents and guests can get lost trying to find the right unit. This can become frustrating not only for the people who live there but also for delivery professionals and service providers who can’t find their customers. This can override the design intent.  Well-executed signage within the building can enhance the experience while also calling attention to these unique features.

Interior sign packages can be simple or complex, but a few styles still dominate.

Dimensional Letters/ Lobby Wall Signs

dimensional letter sign mounted in conference room.

Branded lobby wall signs to promote the company in the main areas where employees and guests reside. These signs can range in style greatly, but they display the communities brand. These signs especially are beneficial when it comes to prospective tenants.

Dimensional letters are one of the most popular lobby style signs available as they showcase an upscale finish to any space.

Wall, Window and Floor Graphics

custom wall graphics creating a faux brick design to transform a kitchen area.

Wall, Window, and Floor Graphics transform any space. Wall graphics range from simple graphics on a wall such as a logo or tagline to a full printed wall paper design. Since modern buildings are often designed with an open floor plan, window graphics are a great solution. Window graphics range from branding, to privacy, to keeping people from walking into glass panels. Floor graphics can range from decoration to wayfinding and can adhere to nearly any style of floor!

Interior Wayfinding Signage

interior practical signage serving to display information and regulations to those within the apartment community.

Just as exterior wayfinding is essential to help people navigate the community, the same goes for signage within the walls of any community. Interior wayfinding signs can include directions to stairwells/elevators, room numbers within a hall setting, as well as directional information to local amenities. Just because wayfinding isn’t the flashiest of sign elements, it is by far one of the most crucial!

Amenity Signage:

You surely want to promote all the features of your facility when you have visitors and potential tenants walking around your facility. Attractive signage that informs about all the features and amenities that the client can expect when living at your facility is a great sales tool. It also helps the salesperson to prompt them to talk about everything you have to offer without missing a key feature.

Post and panel Signs

branded, single post and panel sign marking services within an apartment community.

What makes your community special? What added benefit can prospective tenants get from living in your community? These elements should be proudly displayed for those in the general area to be able to see. Using post and panel signs to portray these qualities outside of the community allows that information to be seen daily!

Wall Signs

custom plaque to mark door within the space for ease of navigation.

Within the building there are undoubtedly features you want to display. Many communities have a gym, some have a billiards room, some have a communal kitchen in the clubhouse. Whatever feature your facility has is worth noting and directing people to. Using signage on the walls is one of the best ways to do this within a space.


custom awning with building number within local apartment community.

Awnings are great to protect from the elements at entrances as well as walkways. They not only provide shelter but also can enhance the appearance of the facility as well as add another opportunity to show your brand and amenities within! Whether it is just brand colors or brand colors and graphics, awnings add a nice touch to the visual experience and promotion opportunity.

ADA-compliant signs:

This type of signage is not only necessary to accommodate those with disabilities, but also regulated and required by the authorities. Very strict design and installation criteria are defined in the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

If you want to upgrade your community with attractive, durable signage to help your sales numbers, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

branded bathroom signs for local community.
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