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What’s a Post and Panel Sign and what are typical applications?

Post and Panel signs provide visibility for businesses, schools and commercial real estate firms. Because of their affordable price point and longevity, these signs are a very popular option for entry-level or temporary signage. In addition to marking businesses, the post and panel sign commonly gets used for a business park and office complex directories and wayfinding for visitors. Post and panel signs create an effective communication tool.

While post and panel signs can serve a large width of purposes and industries, making decisions to customize your sign doesn’t have to be difficult! We broke down a post and panel sign into components to help you make an informed decision for your business!

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signs typically work as the simple free-standing sign. Just as the name infers, a post and panel sign traditionally consists of two posts with a panel attached between them. The panel displays the graphic and message either on one or both sides depending on application. Beyond customizing content, post and panel signs allow for a variety of materials and styles. We want to help you understand how we can build the perfect sign for your budget.

Several options exist for the posts and panels depending on the customer’s needs in terms of design and budget.

hayden attwater drive pp 3 scaled 2The Posts:

Wood: 4″ x 4″ pressure-treated posts work as the basic post. Think of this style as the basic or economy level sign. Unpainted, these posts provide structural integrity for up to 8″ x 4″ panels. Add a painted finish to create an improved appearance by integrating the post into the design rather than just the structure.

Vinyl: Add vinyl sleeves to the posts for a more finished look. Additionally including a vinyl sleeve makes your signposts maintenance-free, no painting needed over time.

Aluminum: Adding aluminum posts creates the ultimate design for appearance and durability. Aluminum posts typically come in a white or black powder-coated finish for extreme durability or a painted finish to match the sign design.

community hall sign scaled 2The Panel:

Wood: Similar to the posts, we use an exterior grade MDO plywood. We then seal and paint the edges for improved durability. We then apply either lettering or digitally printed vinyl graphics to create a stand-out sign at an economical price.

PVC: PVC provides enhanced durability relative to wood at a higher cost but there is no concern about delaminating or rotting over time. Think of PVC as mid-level material. Overall it works as a great balance between budget and design!

Aluminum: Just like the posts, this option provides the highest durability but at a higher cost.

the gateway leacing center rebrand 3 scaled 1In addition to selecting a material for your sign, you also have options for style and shape. Post and panel signs are known for their simplicity, but you don’t have to settle for just a square or rectangle shape. We can configure and fabricate many styles and shapes to make a bold and visible sign.

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