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Rebranding your business may seem at first like a daunting task. You think of obvious elements like updating your logo to match the new brand identity. You sift through all the marketing collateral to see what still fits and what needs rebranded. Then you take a look at your signs. All these elements taken in tandem create a successful rebrand.

Where to Start?

When it comes to a successful rebrand, best practice involves starting with painting a clear picture of the brand identity. This painting can serve as a sort of a roadmap for the future of your business. We can help you navigate this roadmap through the visual components of your brand.

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Signage prior to rebrand.

The Importance of Signage:

The exposure that your signage provides is unsurpassed relative to brochures, mailers and the online efforts. A sign near a well traveled road will see hundreds to thousands of views per day. This first impression leaves a lasting mark in the viewers mind.

With so many different types and styles of signs available, it’s important to consult with an experienced sign company like Paramount Signs. We do more than only signs! We are a branding company that understands the effectiveness of properly executed signage. Additionally, we take into consideration of all elements that make a sign effective. Traffic type, viewing angles, colors and shapes all make a difference on the impact of the visual experience.

The facility will also come into play in regards to the most effective sign type. Whether it’s a wall sign, pole sign or pylon sign, they all have their specific purpose. Internally illuminated or spot illuminated creates differing effects depending on the goal of the visual.

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Rebranded sign panel installed.

Job Spotlight: Scheier & Price Family Dentistry

We recently worked with Scheier & Price Family Dentistry who recently updated their logo adding Dr. Price and new colors schemes. Their project required some exterior signage updates which included new sign panels for their illuminated pylon sign and new window graphics for their entrance door. Even though a relatively straight forward project, our goal is to make sure the effort on the customers side is minimized.

We visited the site to obtain accurate measurements to insure the design fits properly in the viewable areas. From there we made sure that all components assemble and fit properly, such as the sign panels to the cabinet in this case. At this point we produced art proofs which convert easily to production files. After approval on the design updates, we go into production.

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Rebranded logo on door.

For the illuminated pylon sign, we use a light diffusing polycarbonate panel for better light distribution as well as superior durability needed due to proximity to the roadway. Because of gradients in the logo, we digitally printed the graphic on a high performance translucent vinyl and then laminated with a clear laminate that provides scratch and UV protection.

For the window graphic, again because of the gradient colors in the logo we used a high performance vinyl with laminate and then custom cut the logo to create that custom, painted look on the glass.

With the upfront survey information, the installation went flawlessly and the end result displays a stunning new logo that will be noticed for years to come.

If you are rebranding your business, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

Remember, “getting you notice is Paramount”

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