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Whether for political campaigns, business promotions or just to spread a company’s advertising message, yard signs are a budget-friendly way to create visibility. Yard Signs can be used for short-term messaging or prolonged periods as they are fairly resilient. Unlike other types of signage, yard signs can typically be produced in a few days to meet tight timelines. They are easy to transport and install and are easy to move to allow them to be moved to various locations to gain wider recognition. Because the cost is relatively low, they are more conducive to high volumes in order to cover a larger area.

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The messaging on yard signs can be presented in many different formats – large colorful images, large text, funny phrases, branded content, etc. It is also often the case that several yard signs are used to create one message.

When designing a yard sign it is important that the message on each sign is large enough to be legible. A roadside sign will need very specific larger text and less peripheral graphics in comparison to a sidewalk sign used to guide foot traffic.

Just as design considerations can impact the success of yard signs, materials are also important. It’s important as the consumer to ask what material is the yard sign made from. Common materials are 4mm coroplast or corrugated panels. But not all panels are equal. There are cheaper materials that are somewhat translucent. This material will allow the light to shine through which means the image on the opposite side will show through sometimes making the sign very confusing or unclear. This material is also less durable. Likewise, it is important to know if the yard stakes are included in the quoted price.

Yard signs are great for event notifications, traffic wayfinding, on-site event directional signs, political events, grand openings, and sales events.

Local government offices may utilize yard signs for way-finding during elections or municipality events. Many times they are used in situations that involve warnings, rules, and regulations.

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Sidewalk signs work well for specific events such as weddings, birthday parties, and holiday events. The great thing about sidewalk signs is that they don’t have to be boring. They can be customized to include images, colorful text, and patterns.

Sale events are a great application for yard signs. They can be placed anywhere around the event with wayfinding to guide potential buyers to your location.

Grand openings are a great application to get the message out early as well as educate potential customers on special pricing or activities that are planned for the event. This allows the customer to plan ahead for the event.

Here at Paramount Signs we use the highest quality materials to ensure that your signs are clear and help you get noticed. If you would like to learn more about how yard signs can help you with your promotions or events, contact us at Paramount Signs.

We can help you through the process from design to production and also offer volume discounts.

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