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By nature of the term “Temporary signs”, people falsely associate them with something disposable. More often than not, however, temporary signs apply to recurring events such as trade shows, recurring events, special promotions and more.

The term “temporary signage” relates more to portability than a disposable product. Signage such as yard signs and banners many times apply to onetime events, but this only counts for a fraction of temporary signs. The cost for certain products make them a viable one time use item. But other options lend themselves well for longer time usage.

Some options to consider:

A-Frames/ Menu Boards:

Signage such as A-Frame or Menu boards offer great visibility for walking traffic on sidewalks and outside store fronts and restaurants to display product or menu specials to entice customers into their establishment. They allow options for changing text, chalk board surfaces to allow the owner to create their own message and artistic creations. Additionally, you can change out branded panels to display different seasonal messages or offerings. They also work well as way finding signage.

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Mesh banners:

Event mesh banners work well as a temporary signage option for outdoor events like benefit outings and summer celebrations. The mesh banner allows the wind to pass through the banner reducing the sail effect. By including logos and graphics for your event on a mesh banner you can add color and branding throughout the event.


Exterior windows on storefronts create the perfect sign board. Self adhesive or static cling graphics on your windows can advertise your business to the general public. Creating welcoming signage on your storefront will draw potential customer into your business.

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Walls and doors:

If you’re hosting an indoor event welcome fans with decals on your doors and decorate blank walls with temporary wall murals to highlight the event, products, sponsors and your brand. Many products available provide a residue free removal so as not to ruin the mounting surface.

Feather flags:

An effective signage solution that quickly draws the attention of passing traffic includes feather flags. Strategically placed near the roadside, these flags move in the wind to naturally attract attention. Whether placed near walking traffic or roadway traffic, feather flags have proven extremely effective. Lightweight and easy setup and tear down make feather flags  an excellent temporary signage option.

Maintenance and Storage:

One thing to consider if you plan to re-use your temporary signs. Different types of signs may have different storage needs for longevity. A general rule of thumb, make sure you store them in a clean and dry area. As an added layer of protection during storage, make sure to store flat signs with printed side facing in.

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Banners on the other hand should get rolled up with the printed side out to prevent the hemmed seam from coming apart. So make sure you protect the exposed printed side with a paper wrap or cover. Some A-Frames provide weighted elements for stability. These fillings range from water or sand as ballast. If you use water, we recommend you drain the water if you’re storing in an area where temperatures may approach freezing.

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