ccfb van passenger side

If you are local to the area, you have surely seen a Chester County Food Bank Truck running deliveries. The Chester County Food Bank approached our graphics team in for a custom wrap on their Mobile Market vehicle. Over the years we have completed graphics and wraps for various box trucks, vans, and cars for the organization, but this food truck was different. While they still wanted it to coordinate with their branding on other vehicles, they wanted this vehicle to be attention-grabbing! We are always happy to work with local businesses but there is something even more special when you have the opportunity to contribute to the success of a special organization like this.

A look at The Chester County Food Bank

The Chester County Food Bank works to mobilize the community to ensure that there is access to real and healthy food. The organization was formed in 2009 as a means to address hunger in the county. The organization does more than just food banks, they work to feed, distribute and educate and mobilize the community.

The purpose of the new Fresh2You food truck was to provide a moving market with fresh, seasonal produce to the community.

We were excited to partner with them to create a bold wrap that would get their new program noticed as the vehicle traveled throughout the county.

ccfb van passenger side
Full Printed Custom Designed Wrap for Van.
ccfb bandit rs
Full Printed graphics for a box truck.
chester county food bank drivers side
Printed and Cut Graphics for Car.

Why Wraps? What makes vehicle wraps and graphics the Most Effective Advertising Medium?

When you are looking for a marketing tool that can propel your message to the public quickly and effectively, look no further than custom vehicle graphics! Vehicle wraps and graphics can reach upwards of 30,000-70,000 new people each day, which is a monumental jump from the limited amount received from stationary advertisements. They can be used to display your brand while making deliveries, on a job site, or even parked at your place of business. Your fleet is on the job 24/7 to reinforce your brand.

Creating a Cohesive Fleet Graphics Package

Just as every business is unique, so is every branded fleet package. While businesses require cohesion throughout their fleet, not every vehicle is the same, meaning the graphics will vary between each specific vehicle. Within each fleet, it is important to retain a cohesive color, fonts, imagery, and material usage to maintain the branding.

The process of creating a cohesive brand from logo through physical signage takes time, patience, and the eye of a professional! The design team at Paramount Signs will work with you through the whole process to ensure that your brand is portrayed in the best light! We work to create the highest quality community messaging while reinforcing the logo and brand of your company. With so many options in size, shape, placement, and colors, our professionals have the knowledge to make all the elements of your design work best for you. We spend the time with your team to ensure we understand your goals. Delivering the best vehicle wraps and graphics package for you and your business is what we do best!

The 3 Factors for Selecting Material Usage for Wraps

Since no two projects are the same, the materials utilized will vary. 3 primary factors determine which route is taken for the vehicle wraps and graphics package for your fleet.

  1. What type of wrap are you looking for? Are you looking for lettering/logos, a partial wrap, or a full wrap?
  2. What colors is your brand/ are you looking for full color or single color? Are the colors defined as Pantone colors? Is it a single color or multicolor logo?
  3. Are graphics going around complex shapes/contours or primarily on flat surfaces?

Primary Materials used for Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

There are too many materials to break down every one available. Between leading industry suppliers 3M, Avery, and Oracal there are seemingly endless materials available. Through it all there are 3 styles of materials to consider based on the factors listed above.

  1. Printed Vinyl: When it comes to wrapping a vehicle in branding, using a high-performance vinyl with a laminate overcoat is the industry standard. Printed vinyl is desired if you have a full or partial wrap, a complex/multi-colored design and if your graphic has to go around complex contours.
  2. Plot Vinyl: Plot vinyl is made to be cut small for detailed designs. With that in mind, this solid-colored material works great if you are lettering a flat surface and have only one or two colors in your design. The main setback to plot vinyl is that there are only certain colors readily available.
  3. Wrap Vinyl: Similarly to plot vinyl, a wrap vinyl can be ordered in a specific color based on what a supplier offers. This material is ideal for full/partial wraps as it is made to wrap vehicles with complex contours. That said, wrap vinyl can be used as a background for more complex lettering/detailing but it is used for large coverage.

When it comes to producing vehicle wraps and graphics we primarily use 3M high-performance vinyl and laminates because of their industry-proven durability and industry-leading warranty. To complement the material, we use our HP 360 Latex printer which provides a larger color gamut that provides vibrant colors and durability to endure the harshest of environmental conditions. As a 3M MCS facility, we are authorized to offer the 3M MCS warranty which is backed by one of the largest manufacturers of wrap vinyl in the industry.

cbfb comp before
Truck prior to vehicle wrap.
chester county food bank 2 13
Final appearance of the full wrap for the Fresh2You Vehicle.

What We Offer as a Custom Sign Company

At Paramount Signs, we offer a partnership that will help drive your business forward with the most creative designs all while using the right materials for the job. Whether you require short-term signage or longer-term, we will select the appropriate materials that meet your goals and budget.

With a large variety of materials available and a skilled team of designers and installers, we are equip to transform your fleet into branded billboards through custom vehicle wraps and graphics packages!

The final appearance of the Fresh2You food truck was exactly what the customer wanted and more, and that’s just one of our many happy customers!

If you are interested in getting your business more exposure for the lowest cost per impression in the industry, give us a call for a free consultation.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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