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Custom wraps are most commonly recognized on commercial vehicles. They are one of the most effective means of advertising regarding cost per impression. Wraps are used to advertise on small billboards, public transportation vehicles, storefront windows, and so much more. What people too often don’t consider is a non-branded wrap on their personal vehicles. Whether on a personal car, a toy hauler, or an ATV, wraps and vinyl graphics on personal vehicles are fun and a great way to show your personality.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

The term “Wrap” has been used as a generic term for any graphics, but there are several options to consider based on your goals and budget.

Within the umbrella of vehicle wraps are 3 styles: Decals, Partial Wraps, and Full Wraps.

Decals and Lettering

Decals and Lettering can be custom designed and installed to enhance the appearance of your vehicle or to display a specific message. These are usually the most economical graphics available because of minimal coverage.

  • Coverage: 10%- 50%
  • Includes: Logo, Services, Contact info, or simple design elements
Benefits of Decals and Lettering
  • Cost: Least expensive style
  • Easier install/ removal
  • Utilizes color of vehicle
  • Works on any vehicle/fleet
Downfalls of Decals and Lettering
  • Less coverage and smaller information
  • Lack of consistency between vehicles
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Partial Wraps

Partial Wraps are more expensive than the decals because of the significantly more coverage. Typically partial wraps cover 30% or more of the vehicle providing more space for design and image continuity.

  • Coverage: Up to 75%
  • Includes: Logo, Services, Contact info, or simple design elements, etc. depending on the design
Benefits of Partial Wraps
  • Mid-level between decals and full wrap
  • Utilizes color of vehicle
  • Large area for coverage and potential for branding
Downfalls of Partial Wraps
  • The higher cost associated then decals
  • Visibility of original paint limits potential designs
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Full Wraps

Full wraps are just as they are called. They fully cover the vehicle giving you the most space for custom graphics and images. Depending on the vehicle, many times the roof is not wrapped because it may not be seen.

  • Coverage: Full Vehicle
  • Includes: Sides, windows, back, hood, and potentially roof with any information desired
Benefits of Full Wraps
  • Transform any vehicle
  • Largest advertising space
  • Vinyl protects paint
Downfalls of Full Wraps
  • Highest cost option
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How durable are wraps?

We use 3M high-performance vinyl and the latest in print technology that creates a durable wrap system. As a 3M MCS certified facility, we can offer the 3M MCS Warranty which is the industry-leading warranty offered for up to 7 years.

An additional advantage of wrapping your vehicle is it not only creates a unique exterior finish but also adds an extra layer of durability to any vehicle, protecting it from minor dings and scrapes. Many times we hear that leased cars that have been wrapped help recover their full deposit because the condition of the paint after the wrap removal is pristine. This is also true if you own the vehicle and decide to sell the vehicle later on.

Why create a custom wrap if not for branding? 

While many people only consider vehicle graphics for branding, they open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to customizing your vehicle.

We see many different styles customers desire to create a wrap of their own. Inspirations can come from a personal experience or cause. Many times they are inspired by current or past events. One popular inspiration for auto enthusiasts is based on classic car styles and culture.

A great example of a custom personal wrap is this 2021 Bronco. The customer was inspired by the 70’s Ford “Free Wheelin” Bronco. Since he was a kid he dreamed of owning this style Bronco. As this package was a limited release he came to Paramount Signs to create a custom adaptation for his 2021 vehicle. He provided imagery and our designer worked with him to create a custom decal package. With a mix of precise measurements, knifeless tape, and bold printed graphics we transformed a standard Bronco into a modern adaptation of a vintage style.

1979 bronco free wheelin and lineup
An Ad for the initial Free Wheelin Package
james luciano bronco 9
The front and driver side of our teams design for the Bronco.
james luciano bronco 6
The rear and passenger side of our teams design for the Bronco.

If you want to personalize your vehicle, ATV, or toy hauler, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call. We would love to work with you to make your vision come to life! Similarly, if you have something else you would like to personalize but are not sure if a wrap is a solution, we are more than happy to work with you to create the best solution!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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