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What are Post and Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs are a staple when it comes to standard signs. Just as the name implies, this panel style is mounted on a single post or between two. This type of sign, typically used outdoors, has many applications ranging in complexity and decorative elements.

Because of their basic structure and component, post and panel signs are more budget-friendly signs in comparison to monument signs or pylon signs. Applications range from basic wayfinding signs, directory signs, commercial real estate signs, and business location identification signs.

What materials are used for a Post and Panel Sign?

The materials available and used for this style of sign vary greatly. Popular options include wood, PVC, aluminum, and carved materials. Many times a combination of these materials creates the unique and custom appearance desired. Depending on budget, durability, and desired appearance there is a combination that fits every need.

One of the most important features of the sign is the panel. The panel should be large enough to be seen and properly display your business name and other details. A properly sized post and panel sign will get the recognition you’re trying to achieve. On the other hand, a sign that is too small will result in an illegible sign with text that can’t be read. With that in mind, finding a balance between maximizing the size and the restrictions by the local area allowances is key. A sign that is sized too big for the location will look out of place.

Most post and panel signs are permanent installations used for identification and wayfinding. In many cases, directory post and panel signs offer changeable panels to make it easy to update when new tenants arrive. Hours of operation may change based on seasonal or other events.

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What are the applications and uses of a post and panel sign?

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Wayfinding / Directional Signs

Post and panel signs are the standard for wayfinding signs and directory signs. This type of sign will assist an individual who is new to a settlement/location to easily find their destination. They’re placed on the property or a few meters away from the property depending on the landscape. Typical locations where directional post & panel signs are often used: plazas, malls, hospitals, and large office buildings. Usually, wayfinding post & panel signs become permanent, so durable materials like aluminum, PVC, or high-density urethane work well.

Real Estate Sign, Site Sign, Construction Sign

One of the appeals to a post and panel sign is its budget-friendly nature and short-term capabilities. For that reason, the traditional post & panel sign is commonly used by construction companies and real estate managers.

Using PVC posts or painted wood posts makes it look a little more upscale but still keeps the cost down compared to metal/aluminum.

Post & Panel Signs: Basic Facts

  • Budget-friendly solution
  • Short and Long Term applications
  • Range of materials resulting in custom signage solutions
  • Used in many industries
  • A great option for both primary and subsequent signs

Just to summarize, post and panel signs provide a very effective, economical means to advertise your business and help your customers navigate your location.

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