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When thinking about exterior signs, the post and panel reign in as one of, if not the most popular style. Part of their appeal lies in the fact that they work well for temporary and permanent signage. Additionally, they offer flexibility in design, shapes and sizes making this sign type applicable in many uses. Whether applied as a commercial leasing sign, used as a campus directory sign to a main business marquees sign, or as a permanent business sign, they work for all types of applications.

Post and Panel signs come in a wide range of materials. From wood to aluminum, many configurations allow for a design that will fit any budget. Of course, durability depends on materials. Mixing materials also allows for custom solutions to meet specific customer requests!

Common Post and Panel Sign materials:

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This material works well for temporary signage because of cost, but has the least durability. Wood provides a rustic look that matches the vision for many applications. Furthermore, the life of wooden elements material can be extended with regular maintenance. Cleaning, painting, and waterproofing type maintenance can significantly extend the life of this type of sign.

ACM (Aluminum Composite Material):
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ACM has a plastic core sandwiched between thin aluminum. This material works well for digital print graphics or contour cut vinyl graphics. Available in many colors, this material works for basic signage allowing options while remaining budget-friendly with a high durability rating.

HDU (High-density urethane) Panels:

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The durable HDU material works well for carved and dimensional interest to a panel sign. The material weathers well and does not rot. Additionally, we can finish your HDU sign with an epoxy coating that will help retain durability for years to come.

PVC Panels:

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Another high-density plastic material, PVC works well for double-sided digitally printed graphics type signs or single-sided carved signs. PVC has a higher strength than HDU, but has limitations in thickness and finishes.


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Aluminum can work for panels, but more often offers a high-end post solution. This material obviously has the highest durability and as such creates a higher-end appearance. With increased durability comes an increase in cost. That said, it works best for signs that have to last the test of time.

Recent Post and Panel Job:

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We recently worked with a customer to replace their post and panel sign. They wanted a sign that would be easily seen for passing traffic while remaining budget-friendly. We reviewed material options and settled on a PVC panel with aluminum posts. This option worked as the best combination to meet their goals. We produced the graphics with digitally printed and laminated high performance.

The end result was exactly what they wanted.

So if you are considering a post and panel sign, whether temporary or permanent, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call.

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