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Directory signs are often in need of new paneling or replacements to keep up with current tenants in business parks and other buildings. These upgrades are great for not only keeping up to date with tenants but also for refreshing the signs that are being seen by the public. Coladonato Insurance in Malvern, Pennsylvania came to us looking for a custom directory sign upgrade. With our experts and dedication to sign solutions behind us, we began their new package!

Images Share Results

In the image above, you can see the sign that was originally in place for the directory sign. It has faded lettering, and the tenant information is no longer relevant. With the new sign in the photo below, you can see the completed look with current information and more vibrant contrast between lettering and background.

Finding the Right Match

With the expanded color gamut that the HP360 Latex Printer affords, we were able to match the existing faded graphics so that the updates to the sign looked like they were always there. In addition, the current information that was displayed had a tenant that was no longer there, as well as the incorrect spelling of our client’s name. With the new panel in place, the cohesive look was completed, and the details were correct!

Utilizing the Best Equipment

Matching faded colors when updating a directory sign can be very challenging. Using the latest technology with the I1 Color display calibration tool, and the HP 360 Latex printer, we were able to match this replacement panel so that it is barely noticeable that there was a new panel applied to the old sign. This pleased the customer very much!

Our Offer

finsihed directory

We promise to always offer the best sign and graphics products that are available. With high-quality materials, state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, and a dedication to long-lasting and effective sign solutions, you are guaranteed a successful package!

Are you interested in hearing about this or similar projects? Could your business benefit from our custom sign solutions? Reach out to our team today, and we will put you down the path to a creative package!

Written by: Paramount Signs – Malvern, Pennsylvania

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