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Research shows that outdoor signs for churches are the best way to reach your community and inform them of special services and important events, all while attracting new members. A study by the National Evangelistic Association found that “10% of the adults who join American congregations each year decide to visit for the first time after seeing the Church Sign…” An investment in outdoor signs is an investment in an advertising machine that works for you 24/7. Whether it is a static sign or an electronic message center, your church will gain the exposure your parish will be proud of as well as attract new members.

What types of Outdoor signs work well for churches?

Although we make all our signs custom to fit our customers’ needs, there are 4 styles that are most commonly used.

  • Free-Standing Monument Signs
  •  Digital or Traditional Marquee Signs
  • Tall Free-Standing Pylon Signs
  •  Post and Panel Signs

What is a Monument Sign?

There are different types of monument signs and materials you can use to showcase your church and welcome visitors, volunteers, and congregation members. Although these aren’t just for churches and other places of worship , traditional free-standing monument signs are one of the most popular types of signage for religious facilities. When built and maintained properly, they can last for generations.

Free-standing monument signs typically are created using either an aluminum base/skirt or natural materials such as stone or brick to support the sign itself. The sign panel or cabinet can be made from any exterior durable material such as aluminum, or even synthetic material such as foam-core signs with a durable synthetic stucco coating.

monument sign with masonry base, internally illuminated cross and externally spot lit face.

What are Digital and Traditional Marquee Signs?

monument sign with masonry columns and carved hdu panel.
Monument sign with masonry columns and carved HDU panel.

This style of sign is similar to the traditional monument sign only with the addition of a digital message panel component. The digital message center can be combined with free-standing monument signs to add more architectural design cues and blend with the church architecture or function as a stand-alone sign Digital marquee signs are increasing in popularity, as they catch peoples’ attention and provide the ability to change the messaging on the board easily.

Digital marquee signs automatically make advertising after dark easy—no extra lighting is needed. Whether you want a traditional marquee sign where you manually change the letters or a digital one, these signage options are a popular addition to a variety of church monument signs.

What are Free-Standing Pylon Signs?

A pylon sign is mounted on a tall pole, or two poles, for places of worship located in areas where a standard free-standing monument sign would be more difficult to see. The poles are generally made of metal but can have architectural materials such as stone, brick, or even synthetic coverings on the poles to incorporate the surrounding architectural design cues to add interest.

The sign that is mounted on a pylon sign is very similar to what you have for the standard monument sign. Typically made with aluminum, acrylic faces, a digital message center, or a combination of both. All materials incorporated into these signs are selected to provide maximum to withstand the elements. Because pylon signs are placed higher than traditional monument signs, they typically require illumination for visibility from far distances.

pylon sign with internally illuminated sign cabinet.

What are Post and Panel Signs?

post and panel sign with powder coated posts, aluminum panel and custom digitally printed vinyl graphics

Post and panel signs are a good option for smaller budgets. They certainly are not quite as elegant as monument signs, but they still work as location markers as well as project your image to the community. Even with their simplicity, they are highly customizable and can be paired with lighting for better visibility. Although typically fabricated of wood, you can upgrade your materials to aluminum or composite materials to extend the life of your sign.

If you have any questions related to your church signage, please don’t hesitate to contact Paramount Signs for a free consultation.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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