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Monument signs serve as a business identification tool as well as a navigation tool to the public. Having a business located back off the street or in a business park, your monument sign will let them know they have reached their destination. Additionally, your monument will introduce potential new customers to your business and location.

Define a monument sign you ask?

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Custom Directory style monument sign with changable tenant panels.

A monument sign is a free-standing sign that sits at a ground level typically located near a high traffic area or roadway. The sign contains various architectural elements that identify a business or location. These signs allow for construction from many different materials, configured in shapes and sizes with many options to meet the owner’s needs.

What considerations should be included in the design of a monument sign?


Ideally, the sign should be located near the roadway or sidewalk where passing traffic has a clear line of sight. In order for them to serve as an effective landmark, a monument sign must be both large and clearly visible. In addition, the research identifies the appropriate text size based on the distance and speed of passersby to help ensure the effectiveness of the design in this particular location.

Blending in with the existing environment:

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Foamcore Faux stone columns with internally lit sign cabinets located in a wooded area marking the entrance to an apartment community. 

Monument sign design must consider materials, shapes and colors that fit in with the surroundings. A super modern design in a historic area will stick out like a sore thumb. Obviously, everyone wants your sign to stand out, but including elements in the environment in your sign allows the sign to look like it belongs there! Whether it’s architectural features of surrounding buildings or landscape features, exterior details create a much cleaner final appearance.


As an exterior sign style, durability remains paramount. Materials and design features must withstand the elements. A durable sign that retains its appearance over time continues to drive traffic to your location without siphoning funds. According to a survey conducted by Fedex Office, “about 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services.”

Design with material considerations:

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Masonry wall with Carved HDU panels mounted on brackets to the face. Perfect for a local apartment community!

To make a monument sign fit all of the above critical elements, a well-designed sign requires a design team that spends the time to become well versed with the client’s needs and vision. Additionally, the designer must be familiar with materials and how they fit in with the surrounding architectural features and durability in the specific environmental conditions.


Brick or Stonemasonry monument signage provides for a very sturdy sign. Brick or stone creates an elegant, durable appearance that’s virtually maintenance-free. However, the lack of available masons proves to be the downside to traditional masonry work.


Wood incorporated into a design creates that traditional or rustic look. Commercial and municipal properties such as cottage resorts and state parks benefit from a monument sign made of wood. Both natural and artificial wood finishes can provide a rustic appearance while respecting a budget and longevity of a sign.

monument sign
In addition to the synthetic foamcore faux brick posts, a carved HDU panel sign provides branding for this apartment community!

Synthetic foam core:

Synthetic foam core monuments, fabricated with a durable foam core and a rubberized stucco type finish replicate the look of stone or brick. Durable, lightweight and less expensive than other materials, faux stone also allows for quicker turnaround times. Another consideration for this type of material will be the installation costs. Because this style does not require a foundation for many applications, you will realize significantly reduced installation costs relative to masonry monuments.

HDU (high-density urethane)

HDU has a wood-style appearance but can easily get carved for dimensional elements in the face of the sign. Use in combination with detailed digital prints, this material offers quite a bit of flexibility in design and application. Also, very durable in exterior applications.

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Combine faux or masonry brick with metallic elements and an Aluminum sign panel creating a modern industrial appearance.


Aluminum/Metal. If you want a modern or industrial look, an aluminum or metal monument sign fits the bill. Aluminum fabricated signs also work well for basic shapes such as square or rectangular sign cabinets with dimensional letters. They provide a sleek and sharp appearance and can form an assortment of shapes.

Ready to start the process?

When it comes to selecting the appropriate monument sign for your business we know that the options can seem overwhelming. Now that you know a little bit about the materials and styles we can offer, you are that much more prepared! We want to work with you to transform your vision or frankly create a new one. Our team of designers works with the fabricators to ensure that the design will not only respect your budget but will get you noticed!

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Remember, “getting you noticed is paramount”

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