pequea monument sign electric message center


An electronic message center (EMC) is a digital sign that can display words, symbols, figures or images and can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means.

When it comes to grabbing attention and generating impressions for your business, few modern signage concepts equal the benefits offered by an electronic message center. Because of the illumination, dynamics of a changing message and utilization of vibrant colors, we simply can’t help but look at an electronic message center sign, wondering what will be displayed next.


One of the major advantages of an electronic message center is versatility. This innovative business signage provides significant versatility in the sense that it can be utilized to accentuate an existing pylon or monument sign or in the case of a new monument or pylon it can display a wide array of text and graphic combinations and it’s ideal for numerous industries ranging from commercial businesses, churches, entertainment venues to community buildings.

This versatility also extends to ease of use. You can schedule when a particular message gets conveyed. Programmable by design, electronic message centers can store and display various messages and graphics for different time durations. As a business owner, you simply set your display schedule and let your signage take care of the rest.


To truly be considered an effective marketing tool, your signage must have the capability to adjust to the changing times. Whether it is conveying information about your business or product to promoting community activities and special events. Put simply, content is king when it comes to keeping your audience interested in your sign. An electronic message center affords you the opportunity to stay current and convey messages to your customer base in near real-time.

Want to promote an upcoming sale or event? Have a holiday message you wish to share with customers? Interested in displaying your company slogan? Care to alert your customer base to changes in your hours of operation or product offerings? Your electronic message center will accomplish each of these objectives – at the timing and frequency of your choosing.

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