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Churches are very similar to businesses in that they have to get noticed in order to grow their congregation. Once you attract a potential new member, you want to have an entrance or flourier that is attractive and projects the culture and environment that matches the mission of the church. Additionally, for existing and new members alike you need interior signage for navigating the facility as well as identifying specific offices, social areas, education rooms etc.

There are many options available to fit your church’s vision, message and budget. Exterior signs can be as basic as a well-executed post and panel sign that can be produced with a wide variety of materials to match your budget, appearance and durability. The sign panel itself can be produced from a high-grade exterior MDO wood panel to a higher-end look of carved HDU.  Posts can be made from budget-friendly painted pressure treated or cedar lumber to aluminum for maximum durability.

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One of the most effective and utilized panel type today are the Electronic Message Centers (EMC).

We are seeing more new signs using these as well as retrofits from the older changeable copy panels.

The ECM provides tremendous flexibility in messaging.  Allowing the church to present current information regarding events, schedules, special notices and more.  They are your 24/7 message center to your community.

Window graphics at your entrance is another way to greet your members and guests.  An inviting message or display your logo to let your members know they are welcome. These graphics are a great branding opportunity as well as a cost-effective signage solution!

Interior signage is equally important as it sets the environment for your membership or parishioners.  You can create a space that is inviting, interesting and fun for your members.  Interior signage can also lend itself to creating a nice environment for events and gatherings.


Displaying your name/logo on a lobby/flourier wall creates a sense of community, pride and ownership in the church.  Additionally, wayfinding signage works to help guide your membership and guest through the facility.  From guiding guests to offices or public spaces in during an event, to help the younger members and families to the educational facilities and rooms, wayfinding signage eases the movement of people throughout the church!

If you are considering updating your signage in your church, give us a call for a free consultation. From re-branding through the interior and exterior signage, we are your one-stop shop!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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