What exactly Are an Interior way-finding signs?

To put it simply, a way-finding sign is any type of sign that gives direction simply and visually. These signs are used to help the general public and customers navigate toward their destination. Way-finding signs can include both interior and exterior placements to allow ease of navigation.

Some examples of exterior way-finding signs are street signs, exit signs, destination signs indicating distance/miles, and everything in between. These are used every day by all of us to help us find our way. Just like exterior way-finding signs, there are many applications for interior way-finding signs. Signs like office directories, emergency exit signs, and ADA sign are just a few of the sign types we also use every day in our quest to find our destination.

Below, we identify the 5 best and most important interior way-finding  signs you need for your business space.

ADA Signs

The last thing you’d want is for your space to not adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These signs are one of the most important types of way-finding signs and are regulated and required in any space that is accessible to people that may have some sort of disability. There are very specific requirements for a sign to be compliant with ADA standards.

To learn more about the rules surrounding ADA signage here is a link to the Federal ADA Regulations and Standards.

  • It must have a non-glare finish
  • Have a high level of contrast
  • Appropriate Font and character properties (There are ADA-compliant fonts identified in the ADA guidelines)
  • Upper Case and Lower Case rules must be followed
  • Appropriate letter size, spacing, and stroke based on the distance the sign is intended to be seen.
  • Corresponding Braille Text
  • Mounting locations – There are very specific guidelines for the placement of ADA signs. The side of the door the sign should be placed on, distance from the doors as well as height are specified in the ADA guidelines.

Directory Signs

Directories work wonders because they display way-finding information in a concise and organized way. This type of sign helps customers identify the location of their destination in a facility that has multiple office spaces. This is so important for customers to first determine that they are in the right facility and secondly identify the location of the office they are looking for.

Directories display information including business name, suite number/ office, floor, and other basic directional information to help set you on your way.

Directional Signs

Once your visitor has found your name on the directory sign, with the floor location and room number, now they have to start their journey through the building to find your office. These signs are like the mile markers leading people through your space.

For directional signs think of arrow signs (Suites 2-7 –>) etc. This style of sign provides an ease to visitors while confirming they are not lost.

Office/Room Identifiers

Now that your customer has navigated the building and knows roughly the location of the office, they will need some sort of identifier as to the specific office they wish to visit. Whether these identifiers are hard panel signs, simple number plaques, vinyl window graphics, or some other method of signage, a room identifier tells your guests that that made it. Additionally, restrooms, conference rooms, and other spaces that may be at your specific location benefit from these identifiers to help employees and guests to find their way.

Emergency Signs: Enter / Exit Signs

Similarly to the other styles of way-finding signage, enter / exit signs work not only as navigational markers but are also essential in the face of an emergency. You want to ensure the safety of your tenants and guest by quickly and efficiently guiding them to a safe area. Marked navigation paths to an exit or designated safety area are imperative. Not only should the path be identified, but the actual exit doors must also be marked as required by safety and building codes.

Creating a simple and organized way-finding solution for your business plaza is essential to enhancing customer experience. By implementing the 5 best types of internal way-finding signs, you set your business and location up for success!

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