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Your office space needs to represent your business. Each business has its own distinct personality, client base and overall character. These attributes should weave seamlessly through your branding from your logo, to your website to all signs and decor in your office.

Keeping your business branded, bold and on par with your clients takes a skilled team of experts. Choose the wrong sign and branded décor styles for your space and you have taken your appearance from luxury to cheap.

We have selected 3 styles of interior office signs that with the right touch of a sign designer can elevate your office space to the next level!

Flat Panel Signs

Flat-panel signs in many ways serve as the “economy” style sign. As a standard and simple option, they allow you to present your logo and brand on walls within your lobby or around the interior or exterior of the office. Flat-panel signs come in many shapes, sizes, materials and mounting methods. In addition, they are fully customizable with custom graphics. As the “economy style,” these signs are the most budget-friendly of the batch.

To emphasize the diversity of options with this basic style below are a few examples of popular materials, mounting styles and shapes.

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Dimensional Letters

Unlike flat panel signs, dimensional letters create a simple streamlined image across interior or exterior walls. Dimensional letter sets can also include a logo, lighting, and phrases mounted directly to the wall. This option allows for both a dimensional and high-end finish. Additionally, dimensional letters come in a large variety of depths, materials and mounting methods. Channel letters, the “cousin” of the dimensional letter, include LED lighting to create an additional wow factor in both interior and exterior spaces.

For example below are several different dimensional letters styles with significant popularity!

dimensional letters scaled
Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics allow for the largest and most complicated designs to transform your office space. Options range from displaying your logo on walls and windows to a full wallpaper style design to transform your space. Vinyl allows for signage that takes up no additional space but still creates warmth within the space. With single color, full color and textured materials available, vinyl allows for fully customizable options!

In offices, frosted vinyl is one of the most popular choices in order to provide privacy along with branding. Regardless of your office style, vinyl graphics work well to complement other signage while also successfully serving as a stand-alone sign.

Below are a few popular styles of vinyl graphics!

vinyl graphics scaled

While the three styles above consistently are the most popular, that does not mean those are the only options. We see every sign as a unique piece of art. We will work with you to ensure that your office signage matches your brand, uniquely differentiates you from the competition and fits within your budget.

Curious about learning more? Check out our social media and contact our team today for a free consultation!

When all is said and done we believe that getting you noticed is Paramount!

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