Any business that operates within an office requires space for employees and clients alike to come together. Regardless of the industry, the business model, or the size of your business; having a space for people to come together allows for better collaboration and cohesion. Whether it is a boardroom, a conference room, a lobby, a break room, or some other space; creating a space that inspires, activates creativity, and provides an environment of purpose has proven to influence meeting outcomes. How can we do this you may wonder?

Branding your Space: Signs for Conference Rooms, Custom Boardroom Signs, Etc. 

When it comes time to create meaningful branding within your space customers often hit a snag of what they truly want. Common sign styles for a conference room are frosted window graphics, a logo wall sign as well as wall graphics. These styles all allow for paramount options and unique designs for your space. With so many styles of signs for conference rooms available, the team at Paramount Signs can help guide you in the right direction! Our team will work with you throughout the process from design conception through sign installation to ensure your new conference room signs create a bold impression!

Local School District: Custom Boardroom Signs

We recently worked with a local superintendent who sought to create a custom wall display to showcase all the schools in the district. As a school district with 17 schools, they envisioned a large district plaque encircled by individual plaques for each school.

The board room had a large blank wall which provided the perfect canvas to create something grand and stunning. The display sought to create a visual representation of all the schools during important meetings, reminding the leadership and staff of the incredible responsibility and privilege they have when making critical decisions.

dasd emblums 2

On the right you can see the crests of the 17 schools currently within Downingtown Area School District as well as the district emblem. These were the assets used (and edited) for the custom conference room sign.

Designing the Custom Conference Room Signs for Local School District Building

dasd wall 1
Wall for the custom conference room signs to be featured on.

During the design phase of the project, we integrated the logo designs of all the individual schools utilizing the circular shapes of the logos. As we often see with growing businesses, the district did not have access to the vector format art files required for production.

We traditionally require a vector format because as you scale them the quality remains high. Since these logos ranged so greatly in format and quality our design team set to work cleaning up and recreating logos for the schools to achieve the final vision.

The circular design of the logos created an ideal situation to use a circular pattern for the wall design. Utilizing the district logo as the focal point and then encircling the district logo with the 17 individual schools was a natural layout. After several iterations for sizing as well as arrangement of the schools, we finalized a design.

Producing the Signs: 

To create a glass-like appearance, we opted for clear acrylic panels with a polished beveled edge mounted on stand-offs. To retain the properties of the clear acrylic, we decided to apply the graphics to the backside of the panels. To achieve this look, we printed a reflected image on clear vinyl and then applied a layer of white vinyl on top.

Signs for conference rooms create a focal point and a great photo opportunity, we knew the signs had to be perfect.

The result was exactly what we wanted!

Installing the Sign: 

Regardless of how good a design seems in theory, all this work doesn’t mean anything if the installation isn’t perfect. Mounting a large center panel and 17 smaller panels on standoffs is no small feat. The holes for the standoffs have to be perfectly placed for the panels to be mounted and the spacing to be accurate.

To minimize error, our designer created the router files for the signs as well as a custom drill template for the wall. Aligning the template was critical so we used lasers to align the template on the wall. After drilling 57 holes and mounting 57 standoffs, we were ready for the test. All the panels fit perfectly on their standoffs and the installation went flawlessly.

dasd conf room wall medallion sign 6 2
dasd conf room wall medallion sign 1 2

The result looked just like the rendition. Perfect positioning and filling the wall with an image that has a high impact. Awe-inspiring to see the representation of the school district with all its branches will surely remind all visitors to this room of the incredible responsibility bestowed upon this organization. Custom signs for conference rooms come in many shapes and styles, but this layout has to be one of our teams favorites!

It was a real pleasure to work with this organization and create a boardroom that will inspire and motivate.

If you are considering making your conference room or board room a space that motivates, instills creativity, and represents the best of your organization, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

dasd conf room wall medallion sign 2 2

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