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When you open a brick-and-mortar business, one of the many things to consider is what style of signage suits your needs. Exterior storefront signs not only help existing customers find your location, but they also have the ability to drive new business. In addition to navigation, these signs also serve as a necessary branding tool.

What is a storefront sign?

Storefront signs, are exactly what they sound like; signs on the front of your business. This style of sign allows for you to display your brand name and create a good first impression of your store. In addition to displaying your name, storefront signs also play a significant role in defining your brand, driving foot traffic, and ensuring that people can see your business day or night.

So, all storefront signs are the same?

Not quite. With so many options available, we know that it can get overwhelming. But don’t worry, we can help! By partnering with an experienced sign company, you set yourself up for success! We design and produce custom signs in order to comply with your branding, as well as restrictions set forth by the landlord and municipal codes. Additionally, we take into account your budget to ensure we maximize your vision while minimizing your cost!

fairmount machinery building sign scaled 1What are some examples of storefront signs?

Storefront signage consists of a wide range of materials, lighting components, mounting styles and overall appearances. That said, a few styles dominate the market.

Flat Panel Signs: 

Available in many materials depending on function and budget, a flat panel sign consists of a custom cut panel with graphics on the face. Think of this as the economy option.

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Dimensional Letters: 

As reigns true with all custom signage, dimensional letters come in many different styles and materials. That said, dimensional letters ultimately consists of unlit lettering mounted to your storefront.

lupo channel letters scaled 1Channel Letters: 

Similar to dimensional letters, channel letters can either get mounted straight to the building or on a raceway. These letters are lit with LED lighting. Channel letters dominate the market for storefront signage.

Illuminated Sign Cabinets:

Just like the channel letter, this style also has internal LED lighting.  That said, a custom cabinet allows you to display far more information than just your name. This allows for more in-depth branding, displaying contact info and adding details to your sign.

Job Spotlight: Mainline Institute of Plastic Surgery Store Front Sign

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Original Logo file sent from customer.

Just recently we finished a project for Main Line Institute of Plastic Surgery. With a new store opening in Paoli, they needed signs and didn’t know who to contact. They got our information from their next-door neighbor who we worked with in the past to design and install custom storefront signs.

Having already installed signs in this center, we already knew the structure, the local codes and the owner’s requirements. Additionally, since we created the neighboring sign we knew we could create a new storefront sign that complemented the aesthetic of the complex while driving business for our customer.

The Process:

screen shot 2022 02 25 at 11.15.47 am
Created vector art for production including adding med spa and updates to colors.

While knowing the style of sign allowed in the center saved time and money, we ran into a problem with the customer’s logo. Unlike their neighbor, Mainlines’ logo consisted of yellow on a white background which ultimately is not conducive to an illuminated sign. Our design team worked on several iterations of the color scheme and settled on a new variation of the logo that the customer loved!

We obtained the permits and started production. With an opening date set, we were on a tight timeline while construction was still underfoot. We successfully installed her sign with days to spare before the grand opening!

pxxbtenw scaled 1Next Steps:

If you are considering a new sign for the front of your business contact the experts at Paramount Signs today for a free consultation! Let us help you navigate the process in a streamlined and stress-free fashion! After all, we know your tine is precious. We want to earn your trust and be your business partners for years to come!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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