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Exterior business signs create the first impression of your company to your customer. A well-designed and maintained sign creates an image of professionalism, success and pride.  Additionally, signage serves as an advertising tool 24/7 for one upfront cost and low upkeep costs.

Consequently, outdoor signs provide the first impression of any storefront business. In addition to displaying your logo, you need signage to get you noticed. Here at Paramount Signs, we have the knowledge, experience and creativity needed to produce the perfect outdoor signage to promote your business or organization.

Basic Outdoor Sign Styles

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Monument Signs:

Prior to entering a business, a customer must find it. Monument signs often serve as the first identification marker. A monument sign is a freestanding sign mounted at ground level. Traditional materials range from aluminum cabinets, to stone or concrete. Additionally, monument signs typically stand near the entrance of a single business or large business center. As the name suggests, these are typically fairly large and sturdy and stand out because of their size and or features. With near-infinite design possibilities, monument signs allow for one-of-a-kind branding.

omnicable delivery wayfinding exit side installPost & Panel Signs:

In contrast to the high costs often associated with monument signage, post and panel signs provide a range of highly affordable options to achieve similar results. Post and panel signs often serve as wayfinding/directional signage or as a business identification sign at a business entrance. These signs typically consist of two poles with a connecting panel between them. Post and panel signs usually display the company logo, contact information, slogan, and other product information. Materials often consist of wood or aluminum which provides great options to meet budget constraints.

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Pole Signs & Pylon Signs:

In addition to getting noticed upon arrival, pole signs allow for visibility from a distance. These large, typically illuminated sign cabinets are installed onto poles or columns making your logo and brand visible from a good distance. This type of high-visibility, high-impact sign typically work best for businesses like gas stations, restaurants, roadside stores, shopping centers, and parks. Nevertheless, they can be beneficial to any business wanting to expand their customer base.

Storefront signs:

Similarly, storefront signage works to draw people into your business. A dark, outdated, or improperly working sign may prove worse than no sign at all. In fact, it projects an impression that you are not attentive to your business, and most likely will not be attentive to your clientele either. Storefront signs range from channel letters to logo signs to projecting signage. With unlimited options, the only true restrictions lay in the hands of the building owners and the code.

clean slate goods awning 2Canopy & Awning Signs:

In the same fashion,  a canopy or awning sign looks professional and attractive while also providing relief from the elements for your customers which helps draw them into your business. Traditional fabrication consists of fitted fabric stretched over an aluminum frame that then gets mounted to the wall. The fabric can be printed, heat pressed or painted with any information you wish to present. Materials and design options range greatly in color, font, size and style.

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Address Signs:

An address sign assures customers and prospects they have arrived. Local regulations often require them to aid with emergency services in case of an emergency. Paramount Signs can prominently display your business address on your building’s façade, so customers, delivery services and first responders can find easily find your location.

dscn0063Outdoor Promotional Signage:

And don’t forget temporary type signage. We have a wide variety of outdoor promotional signage. From feather flags, banners, yard signs or window clings, we have the ideal outdoor promotional sign for your company or event.

If you are in the market for a new sign for our business, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

In addition to everything, “getting you noticed – is Paramount”

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