ustom branded ada signs
ustom branded ada signs

Product: ADA signs

Location: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Client: Paramount Signs

In 1990, ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in hopes of improving the quality of life of those with impairments in the public. With this Act, there was now a way to ensure the safety, security, and ease of navigation for individuals with limiting disabilities. There are now size, material, and placement standards for all businesses to have specific sign products placed in preordained locations, mounted to the prerequisites asked in the ordinances. At Paramount Signs, we want to make sure our clients are in compliance with ADA laws, so they can avoid the fees that can amount to upwards of $50,000! With our sign professionals on hand, we will research the specific requirements for your location’s ordinances.

Some of the basic requirements to keep the standards required by the ADA are as follows:

  • Signage in all permanent rooms and spaces within the facility
  • Navigation signs and information signs throughout the establishment
  • Safety signage must be raised, and feature grade 2 braille
  • Stairwell signs must be placed by doors within stairwells, and should feature floor level, level of exit, and roof exit
  • Some municipalities require illumination on ADA compliant signs

After we have assisted in finding the specific signage necessary for your personalized ADA sign package, then it is time for our installation and design staff to find the mounting and location prerequisites. Some of the standards that are required include:

  • distances between floor and overhead signage
  • placement requirements for signs relative to door position
  • contrasting color choices for easier legibility
  • Non-glare with the exception of parking signs
  • Font regulations
  • Braille specifications

Braille is an important part of the ADA guidelines that are set in place. This feature is for the vision impaired and subsists as small dots raised, and located 3/8 of an inch from signage text. Grade 2 braille is what is currently used, and features over 189 contractions over the grade 1 braille. Also used to assist with the proper display of sign products, is pictograms. Some examples of these include wheelchair-accessible symbols, and ears (which display the availability of assisting listening devices.

No matter which sign you need, or how far along you are in the ADA compliance process, Paramount Signs is prepared to help you through it. We utilize premium materials, creative designs, and in-depth research to leave you with an ADA sign investment that produces the results you are looking for. Reach out to us today, and we will work with you on getting this package started!

Do you need more information on the Americans with Disabilities Act signs that are required for your business? Would you like to learn about the other signs and services that are available for your benefit? We look forward to hearing from you, and we can’t wait to plan the journey down your ADA sign path!

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