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What are Custom Business Signs?

Getting your name out to the general public is essential for your business. If people don’t know you exist, they will never reach out to you. There are many ways to achieve this including advertisements, word of mouth, websites, and physical branding or signage. If you have a physical location near a high-traffic area, signage is one of the most effective and efficient means of getting noticed. Business signs serve several purposes.

1. Business signage on your building significantly increases brand awareness.

2. It can serve as sort of a wayfinding sign helping customers find your location.

How a Local Sign Company Can Help With Custom Business Signs:

Paramount Signs is the expert when it comes to business signage in Downingtown, PA and surrounding Chester County, PA. We create quality, unique signage that is custom designed to your specific needs. We will spend the time upfront to ensure we understand your goals, needs, and budget to create the most cost-effective business signage package.

With endless options available regarding sign type, style and materials, Paramount Signs will make the process painless. We want you to focus on what you do best, managing your business, and let us manage your sign project.

New Business Signs in Downingtown, PA

We recently created a building sign package for a customer moving into a new location. The building is located right at the intersection of two busy roads with traffic lights stopping traffic right in front of the building. This is a great opportunity to get their brand out there and noticed from all directions. Our customer was very strategic in the selection of this space knowing the value of its visibility from passing traffic.

With several large windows on the front and side facing the streets, it was clear these were ideal surfaces for branding with window graphics. Additionally, there was a good size wall facing the main road as well as a well-traveled side road. Not only was this good because of the passing traffic, but the traffic light would hold the cars in front of the building from (3) strong viewpoints.

Knowing the location, viewpoints, and low-speed traffic, we worked to strategically place the right signs in the right place on the building. Since the side of the building had a large sliding glass door, we determined that would be the perfect location for a large logo graphic. This would be easily seen while driving past as well as when stopped at the traffic light.

The front of the building offered two opportunities. One was a very similar large sliding glass door as well as a blank wall. The property owner did not want signage attached to the building, so we created a sign mounted on posts set close to the building. The post and panel sign offered a direct view of their logo from all three vantage points at the intersection. The available glass space provided an opportunity to list services as well as products. Since these were text-based graphics, this location was ideal because of the slow-moving traffic, the reader has plenty of time to view and retain the information on this panel.

The end result was a building signage package that gets Tru North noticed from all directions. They are ecstatic with the results and are excited to serve the influx of new customers.

Do you want to get results from your building signs? Give the experts at Paramount Signs a call.

We are located locally in Downingtown, PA and service Chester County and surrounding areas!

We believe that “getting you noticed is Paramount!”

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