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When you hear the term wall, window and floor graphics we want you to think about unlocked potential!

Window walls and floor graphics turn one of your most underutilized spaces into environmental experiences that influence your customers impression of your business. Are you using your windows, walls and floors to their fullest potential?

So what are Wall, Window and Floor Graphics?

Wall, window and floor graphics consist of various self adhesive materials used to add branding, privacy and way finding to your space. In other words, they turn purely utilitarian features of a facility into a sales tool, branding opportunity and overall experiential component.

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The first most basic style of window graphics: Logo, Info, Contact.

While this can sound overwhelming, we can help! Our team will help you create a custom package of wall, window and floor graphics to maximize your space. Whether for branding, for interior décor or for education, graphics provide a cost effective and customizable solution!

Custom graphics featuring your logo, products, motivational phrases, way finding or full wall designs allow you to create a specific message or environmental feel that meets your objectives.

Where and how do I use these types of graphics

Window decals and graphics:

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Another style of window graphic. Window Perf allows for visibility from within but privacy from outside!

In reality, you have come across window decals. Likely you even have some on your doors. Window decals commonly display your logo, hours and basic information on your primary entrances. This style graphic most commonly gets used in retail spaces.

Regardless of your business style, the diverse options available surely absolutely offers at least one to fit your needs.

Vinyl window decals and graphics do not have to remain only on exterior surfaces. Any glass surface can benefit from a vinyl applications!

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The third primary style of window graphic: Frosted vinyl. Keep your space bright and private. Bonus – Add brand colors and logo elements to your frost!

Options range from simple lettering to perforated vinyl, to frosted vinyl to temporary solutions. Materials like frost will allow light to pass through which works well for interior applications. Perforated vinyl will also let light through as well as provide privacy, but typically is used for exterior window applications. Static cling materials work well for seasonal or promotions where you remove and reapply as these events come up. Want to learn more about Window decals and vinyl? Check out our blog!

Wall decals and graphics:

Similarly to window space, blank walls provide prime real estate for the expansion of graphics. Many companies want to create experiential spaces that impact the emotions of their customers, solidify their brand messages and build consumer loyalty.

general air full wall 3 10Wall decals and graphics really make a statement. Additionally, they are a great choice for budget friendly lobby graphics displaying your logo. Whether you’re creating a “Wall of Honor” or product displays or motivational and interior décor elements, vinyl wall graphics offer endless options limited only by your imagination.

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In order to create the desired appearance this pizza shop chose to use vinyl wall murals as a wall paper to create an experience within.

Full wall murals with nature scenes creates a calming environment, perfect for medical practices. Bright colors and unique designs creates a lot of interest as well as an invigorating space for those businesses that want to” Jazz it up” a bit. You can even use vinyl wall murals to create a finish or texture on your walls to create a feeling, like the brick appearance for the pizza shop.

Floor Graphic:

There’s no denying that cell phones play a big role in the way we live and interact with our surroundings. This technology created one of the primary reasons why floor graphics have increased in popularity. Everyone is looking down at their phones while walking to their destination.

marsh creek 6th grade center stairs be kind2 3
In addition to creating interest to this staircase, these inspirational messages work as a daily reminder within this school.

The options available today for floor graphics has grown considerably. Have carpeted floor? No problem. Products for carpet applications have easy removal for short term promotional or events. Hard Surfaces? Tile and wood applications have products that work well for short or longer term. New products also offer certified anti slip properties where needed. Aluminized products work well for concrete or masonry applications. Long life and anti-slip properties make these the ideal choice for exterior applications.

At Paramount Signs, we pride ourselves with the ability to create the visual experience that our customers request to help drive their business.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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