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Window films offer a wide variety of benefits. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic, privacy or security, window film options are quite diverse. Architects are designing for open space environments and one of the tools they use to divide the spaces and still acquire the open space concept is by using glass as the dividing walls. Offices, conference rooms and common spaces are common areas where glass is used to separate the spaces.

Just a few uses for Window films:

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Window film is a great choice for offices that can benefit by adding a little privacy. When used strategically, it can help create barriers between offices or cubes, helping workers focus on their work without getting distracted. A great feature of frost films is that it will still allow light to enter a space. This eliminates the cave syndrome which makes workers happier and more productive.

Design features:

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If you’re looking to bring some style to your office, waiting area, or conference room, window films can be combined with custom-cut designs of frost and color to create a unique look. Utilizing the creative design staff at Paramount Signs, we help businesses transform their space. We work to create designs that promote your brand, products and overall employee morale. Attractive and functional, decorative window film is an excellent way to convey the personality of your business.


Security films today offer various levels of security as well as UV protection and energy efficiencies to your office. From clear to various levels of tint, security films add a level of privacy as well as aesthetics to an office. Typically applied on the inside of an exterior glass panel, this film will provide protection not only from intruders but also from natural disasters such as high winds that may send a projectile through your window.

The tinted security films have several levels of tint as well as reflective to provide the level of privacy you need for your space.

Security films come both in clear and in tinted finishes allowing for UV protection and privacy.

Energy efficiency:

Frosted window films help to conserve energy by reducing the heat and temperature from getting into a room. They filter the sun’s rays during summer and keep the cold out during the winter season. As a result, these can help reduce power consumption and conserve energy. If you want a window film that helps in controlling temperature and preserving energy, then the energy efficiency of the frosted or security window film will work for you.

Considering upgrading your space with window films, call the experts at Paramount Signs.

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