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When the need arises for vinyl graphics, the durability or life of your graphic depends on the proper selection of vinyl and adhesive types. Two primary types of vinyl exist, cast and calendared. Think of cast vinyl as the high-performance option and calendared as the intermediate level. Each has a specific purpose and application. Below we discuss the different types and uses for vinyl adhesive material. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll see if we can get it in or something similar that will fit your needs. For more on the differences between cast and calendared vinyl check our blog article ” The basics on vinyls for Vehicle Wraps” or check out this article comparing the styles!

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High Performance – Printed

Typically used for vehicle wraps, printed lettering works well for long-term use on signage bearing the elements. High-performance printed vinyl retains its durability for up to 7 years. We use high-performance Avery wrap vinyl or 3M Control Tac, both with UV laminate for added protection and longevity. Along with the long-term life, handling characteristics of this vinyl allow for better conformability. In general, it serves as the primary vinyl type for any sign or vehicle with curves and contours.

beths place final wall 3Intermediate – Printed

Intermediate vinyls have a broad range of uses with new formulations that retain durability for up to 5 years. This style of vinyl works well for flat panel applications especially, decals and stickers, short-term vehicle graphics and more. We can print and cut squares or more complex shapes on most vinyl.

reedman subaru garage doorsSolid Color Cut Vinyl – High Performance or Intermediate grade vinyl

When we cut vinyl, elements including the application and budget will determine if we recommend a high-performance 5-8 year life or intermediate 3-5 year life vinyl. This type of vinyl consists of solid, single colors coming on rolls of material. The design will also determine where this type of vinyl can be used. We can produce your vinyl graphics so that you can pick them up and install them yourself or have our professional installers perform the installation for you.

grace church 2Translucent vinyls – Cut or Printed

Translucent vinyl allow light to pass through for backlit signs. We will digitally print the image on the translucent vinyl and apply a laminate over the print to provide abrasion resistance as well as UV protection for extended durability. This vinyl then gets applied to a panel or other style acrylic face and gets backlit. In addition to the print method which allows for a full range of colors, certain colors come in rolls of translucent vinyl. Rolls of vinyl are ideal when a job only requires one color.

the gateway just passed reflectiveReflective vinyl – Cut or Printed

Reflective vinyl’s main uses revolve around improved nighttime visibility. Generally reflective vinyl works by reflecting light making the vinyl appear illuminated when light hits it. With both print and cut potential, reflective vinyl comes in a range of colors and styles. Perfect for warning signs, wayfinding and emergency vehicle graphics.

pilot afterTemporary Adhesive – Printed

For temporary advertising on walls, ceilings, floors, pavement, sidewalks and lots more, several options exist with temporary or low tac adhesive. Both Clear and White temporary vinyl can adhere to walls, windows and floors. We consider these vinyls temporary because they can be removed with no damage or leftover adhesive. This material formulation typically only works for short-term use.

Static Cling – Printed

This vinyl comes in clear and white. It works well for promotional decals or seasonal decals where you may use them for a short term and remove until the next promotion. We can print you image or design a custom graphic that will meet your needs.

terravida wheelConformable – Printed

Conformable vinyl typically gets used for rough surfaces. Concrete, brick, blacktop and stone applications where the vinyl almost appears as if it was painted on. With heat, the vinyl comes off cleanly, making changing out the graphics a simple process down the road.

We hope this basic outline of available materials helps you create the perfect sign, graphic or decal for your business. As you can see, experience with the application of these materials allows us to create the perfect sign that meets the customer’s requirements and budget. The experts at Paramount Signs will guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate materials that will meet or exceed your expectations. Contact us today to start the process of branding your business with custom graphics, signs and designs!

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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