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When it comes to using your vehicle as a form of mobile advertising there are three primary styles that you can choose from: full wraps, partial wraps and decals/ lettering. All three avenues come with their own benefits, drawbacks and opportunities. Within this blog post, we will break down each type to help you in your decision to wrap your vehicle!

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Full vehicle wrap complete with bold graphics: The original vehicle was red.

Full Vehicle Wraps

What is a full vehicle wrap?

A full vehicle wrap entails applying vinyl to the entire exterior of the vehicle including sides, roof, hood and potentially windows. On large cargo vans and trucks, the roof is often not wrapped because it is not seen.

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Full Wrap on a Pickup Truck: Original Truck white and now fits branding.
What are the benefits of doing a full wrap?
  • Ability to fully transform the appearance of your vehicle.
  • Space to put the largest and boldest graphics.
  • Guarantees you get Noticed!
    • According to a study by 3M “brightly colored vehicle wraps with big logos and messages are disruptive and can’t be ignored by commuters. In fact, in one survey, 64% of respondents said they noticed vehicle graphics.”
    • These statistics improve even more when you wrap your entire fleet!
  • Vinyl protects the paint of your vehicle, lasts years and can be easily removed. Perfect for those leasing their vehicle.
Why would I not want to do a full wrap?
  • Full vehicle wraps are an investment. They have a price tag in the thousands (but still the lowest cost per impression form of advertising available).
Partial Wrap for HVAC company. The design covers the back half of a white car.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

What is a partial vehicle wrap?

Similarly, to a full wrap, a partial vehicle wrap entails the majority of your vehicle is covered with vinyl, we usually categorize a partial wrap as covering approximately 75% of the viewable area. These designs incorporate the color of your vehicle into the design. This can be a good option for contractors because vans are typically white.

battavio driver 2
Partial Wrap as part of rebranding effort: showcasing the white of the vehicle.
What are the benefits of doing a partial wrap (as opposed to a full wrap)?
  • Large square footage is available for graphics.
  • Typically, less expensive than a full vehicle wrap. Certain designs with lots of cut-out pieces end up being more labor-intensive which raises the price.
  • Many popular styles allow for easier installation by keeping the graphics towards the back of the vehicle and not requiring the hood to be wrapped.
Why not do a partial wrap?
  • While partial wraps can be cheaper than full wraps, they are still an investment. While the cost of a partial or full wrap is well worth it in the long run, the up-front costs can scare away potential clients.
  • Visibility of original paint. This can be an issue for fleets who purchase secondhand vehicles because the paint colors are never uniform.
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Traditional Vehicle Lettering on a green jeep.

Vehicle Lettering/Decals

What is Vehicle Lettering and Decals?

Vehicle lettering and decals are essentially entry-level to vehicular advertising. Your logo, contact information and services can be applied to the vehicle’s sides, hood, back etc.

What are the benefits of vehicle lettering and decals?
  • Lettering your vehicle and showcasing your logo is the least expensive option to capitalize on vehicular advertising.
  • Allows for you to label any vehicle.
gritz flat bed truck 5
Lettering and Logos on the side of a white door pickup truck.
Why would someone choose not to choose vehicle lettering and decals?
  • With decals and lettering, the square footage of the contents is much smaller allowing for far less visibility.
  • Lack of consistency in appearance. With lettering and logos, you are applying decals onto the vehicle so each vehicle will look different.

All options have definitive benefits, potential drawbacks and many opportunities to create a bold graphic package for your business!

If you are interested in learning more about vehicle graphics, contact us today for a free quote.

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