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What use would window graphics and films have within an office environment?

When it comes to modernizing office spaces the “open-floor-plan” design has taken over. This style allows for open areas, light distribution and a more welcoming environment than the traditional and dark styles of the past. Open concepts have many benefits, but on their own they are not the most feasible when it comes to defining spaces and maximizing space. This is especially true when it comes to creating privacy and separation within a space. As a solution, architects have been using more and more glass in office spaces to create an open feel while providing partitioning.

What do you do with all that glass? The answer is simple: Window Graphics and Films!

Some areas still require some sort of privacy, some require a bit more security and some areas just need something to add dimension. Luckily, for every possible need of a space with glass walls, there is an application of window graphics and films that allows the glass to still be a design element while meeting additional criteria.

So where do I start?

It starts with contacting Paramount Signs for a free consultation. Each space and business is unique and we strive to understand those elements to create the environment that best meets your needs. We will discuss your goals, review your branding elements, assess the space, and review options that will allow you to make informed decisions to create the perfect space. Between vinyl graphics, frosted vinyl and specialty films, we’ve got you covered!

What are some of the elements we need to think about?

Branding with window graphics and films:

Windows and glass walls many times are the forgotten surfaces that can raise interest in your office. Logos and branding elements like color can brighten the area and instill company pride. Some spaces may need to retain some of the exterior lighting, which is where frost shines. We can do partial window/wall coverage as well as custom-cut shapes in frost which adds interest and shows your brand.

stp boardroom13 1
Branding and Privacy elements for boardroom.

Using window graphics and films to create Privacy:

Some spaces may require a little more privacy. Full or partial frost does a wonderful job of providing privacy while allowing natural light to shine through. Custom-cut frost allows us to create patterns, images, and logos in the frost to enhance the space and provide additional branding opportunities. Custom-cut colored vinyl and translucent vinyl offer options to bring color into the mix.

Maintaining Lighting perks of glass:

Frost and translucent types of vinyl allow natural light to shine through at varying levels while producing interesting patterns, branding, and color to the space.

Safety and Security films:

Some areas require additional safety and security. Security films are available that provide security from break-ins, safety from storm debris as well as UV protection where sunlight may shine on areas prone to fading.  Cloaking films are available to protect data displayed on digital screens such as computers and wall displays in the conference room. These films are transparent to allow visibility into a space, however, it will block the image transmission to the viewer from the outside.

lionville middle school window clings main entrance
Security film and Window Clings on School Doors.

At Paramount Signs we offer the design experience and expertise in all these materials with an understanding of the environmental impact on customers and employees. Our experienced designers will work with you to create an exceptional environmental experience that will meet or exceed your goals.  It’s important to know that all we do is custom signage. That means we have the freedom and creativity to go outside the normal boundaries to produce one-of-a-kind designs that are impactful and memorable. 

As you can see, there are many options of window graphics and films available. But don’t let that add stress to your project. Paramount Signs is here to take that load off your plate. We will guide you through the process and do the hard work in the background so you can continue to focus on running your business.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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