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As your business grows and adapts to ever-changing conditions, you may find the need to update your image to better reflect the future vision of your business. Products and services may have changed, or maybe additional markets and technology have been added. How do you get the message out to your customer base and potential new clients?

It is important to do your homework before updating your brand. A business rebrand is more than getting a new logo.

Some of the key elements to take in mind when rebranding are:

  • Your Mission Statement
  • Your  Logo, Website and Design Elements
  • Marketing Collateral & Signage

Updating your mission and vision statements

In order for a business rebrand to be successful and worthwhile it is important to directly address what is changing and how that affects your business. The understanding of what is new and different and how that adds value to your customer base is the cornerstone of a good rebrand.

A quality mission statement addresses 3 things:

  • The key market – Who exactly is your target audience? Has this changed?
  • Your companies contribution – What products or services do you offer to this market?
  • Distinction- What makes you and what you offer unique.

Think of the mission statement as addressing the personality and core of the brand. If you are able to successfully address these three elements you are on your way to a successful business rebrand!

flow chart for writing a good mission statement.

Modernizing your design elements:

side by side of an old and updated logo through the most recent rebrand for terra vida holistic centers.

Once you have an understanding of who you are as a business, how you fit into the market and what drives you it’s time to make sure your image appropriately suits you.

A well-designed logo, website, and marketing collateral are critical to getting your brand out into the public space effectively. Your logo and brand image will rest heavily on a good design that fully represents what your company is about. Having said that, you have to be cautious to not lose the history you have created. Customers come to you because they want and like what you have done for them. You don’t want to dismiss that. So consider retaining some of those elements that reflect the history that helped establish your business. Familiarity and consistency provides a sense of comfort for long-term customers.

There are always questions around a business rebrand that you must understand and be able to answer. What is new, why the change, and how does that affect me (the customer)? These will be the first questions in the minds of your customers when they see the new brand. Make sure you have considered these questions when developing the new strategy.

Creating Consistency with Updated Marketing Materials and Signs

One aspect of publicizing your rebrand will be your signage. This will be one of the most effective ways to get your new image out there. Exterior signage such as monument signs, storefront signs, or way-finding signs help customers find your business. Then there are the interior signs such as lobby signs, dimensional logo signs, and even vinyl graphics on walls and windows. Signs” range in materials, layout, placement, material, lighting elements, etc. making them fully customizable to any space. Any sign can be an extension of your brand.

terra vida signs 1

There is a lot of effort required during the launch of your new brand. Efforts to create messages in social media, press releases, website updates, and more can be overwhelming. That is where Paramount Signs can help you by taking your signage needs off your plate. We can not only help with logo design, but we are a full-service signage company from the design, creating branding guides, sign production, sign permitting, project management, and installation. We can take that load off your plate and manage the project for you.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

Contact us today to get started!

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