Go from ordinary walls to extraordinary walls with exciting wall graphics and wraps. Wall Graphics & Wraps can be temporary, re-positional, or permanent for different types of surfaces. Wall wraps are not limited to interior applications. Specialty materials have been designed specifically for outdoor surfaces like brick and concrete. For every surface and purpose, Paramount Signs offers the highest quality material and custom design solutions.

In a business environment wall decals and murals are often used to display a company logo or showcase company history and products. The options for wall wraps are endless. You have probably dined in an Italian restaurant with wall murals that appear to have been painted on the wall. Most likely it is a stunning wall wrap showing romantic Venice or other landmarks of Italy. You may have been to a museum displaying a history story on their walls or a car company showing off their newest models in full scale in the showroom.

Wall wraps have become a tool used more and more by architects and designers to enhance the design. They apply this technology to business environments as well as residential spaces. Wrap materials have been specifically designed for applications on different surfaces like ceilings, doors, tables, and more. In addition to products designed to adhere to various surfaces, different textures such as canvas, stucco, and leather open the possibilities to create a unique and memorable statement.

Seven Popular Uses of Wall Graphics and Wraps:

  • Company Branding & Logo
  • Work Portfolio Images
  • Visual Company History
  • Story Walls
  • Museum Exhibition & Special Display Graphics
  • The tagline, Mission or Values Statements
  • Local Nature & Landmarks
general air full wall 2 2
Full industry specific wrap on left wall. Cut wall logo on rear wall.
stoners pizza focal wall 1
Printed brick and wood design with branding for local Pizza Shop.

The Benefits of Wall Decals and Murals

Wall Wraps Help Make an Unforgettable First Impression

The first impression potential customers experiences when they enter your business is the presentation in your lobby or showroom. Stepping foot into a business should be so much more than merely transactional. Wall wraps will elevate the experience from a mundane or forgettable to a memory that lasts and turns into sales.

Wall Wraps Highlight and Enhance Your Brand Identity

Studies have shown that our brains respond more positively to recognizable brands. Well-done vinyl graphics on the walls, windows, and doors deepen a customer’s relationship with your business or products, making you stand out from your competition. These images are real conversation starters as well, helping the word of mouth component expand outside your doors.

Why use Paramount Signs for your wall Decals and Wraps?

1. We Believe in the Power and the Value of Local Businesses

As a local source of wall wraps throughout the tri-county area, we know the world you live in. We’ve been working in this fast-moving, ever-changing business atmosphere, particularly for the last 3 years. We support local businesses, we understand your concerns, and are here to make your company shine.

2. We Only Use Top-Quality Materials

We print your custom designs using environmentally friendly latex inks on premium-quality vinyl and wallpaper. These high-quality materials are easy to install and remove from most walls, windows, and doors.

3. We Create Customized Wall Wraps Specifically for Your Business

We collaborate with you to determine your needs. Working with our design team, we will guide you to help you navigate the options and pricing to get you to the perfect product and design. We will perform a complete site survey at your installation location to ensure a fast and flawless installation. We deliver fast and high-quality service, using expert installers who take pride in every finished product.

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

Contact us today for a free consultation!

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chubb lettering1 1
elite therapy wall graphic
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