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Every campus wants to display its image with pride. Interior and exterior signage can have a positive impact on your school’s brand and image. Whether it is way-finding signs, safety signs, signs reflecting school pride, or inspirational messaging, Paramount Signs is here to help. We understand the importance of creating a positive environment that makes your staff, students, and parents feel proud, inspired, and safe in your facility. As a custom sign design and manufacturing facility, we work with you to create the perfect signage for your particular school.

With the market so saturated with sign options and the market always evolving with new innovations, there are many types of signs available for educational facilities. We have compiled the 10 best options for signs for schools and universities!

Our Top Picks for signs for Schools and Universities!

  1. Freestanding Entrance Signs: Monument Signs
  2. Navigation Signs, also known as Way-finding Signs
  3. Exterior Building Signs
  4. Window Graphics and Films
  5. Interior Building Signs
  6. Emergency Signs
  7. Interior Vinyl Graphics: Wall and Floor Graphics
  8. Temporary Signs: Banners & Yard Signs
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Monument Signs for Schools and Universities: 


Monument signs are exterior, free-standing signs that are traditionally located on a populated road to mark the campus. This style of sign serves as the first impression to the general public, staff, students, and parents. Monument signs can be constructed with various materials to blend in with the surrounding architecture including but not limited to brick, stone, metals, and stucco finishes. These signs proudly display the school logo and name. Additionally, there are options to add changeable letter message boards or electronic message boards for constantly up-to-date content!

Way-finding Signs: A Must-Have Sign for Navigation

Way-finding signs are a staple when it comes to ease and safety while navigating a space which is especially important when it comes to schools. These signs not only direct incoming and exiting traffic to their destination, but can also help parents and students find areas like car drop-off and the main entrance. It is important to keep in mind that typically signs that identify publically accessible spaces are required to meet ADA standards.

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Window graphics and Window Films: An interior and Exterior Solution


Window graphics and Films are very popular for displaying school logos and branding elements. With full-color graphics, window frost, window perf, window clings or contour cut letters available; the options are endless! Different materials create varying looks allowing for a custom finish. For example, traditional vinyl graphics are opaque whereas translucent vinyl or frost allows light to pass through. Likewise, window clings allow for ease of removal and are easy to re-apply. On the other hand, adhesive-backed vinyl creates a more permanent application.

All window graphic and film options offer flexibility and diversity to schools depending on their needs. If there is any style that hits the sweet spot between visibility and affordability it falls with these materials.

Interior Vinyl Graphics: Wall and Floor Graphics

Vinyl graphics work as a corner-stone of interior branding for schools. Just as there are many options when it comes to window graphics, wall and floor graphics can range in material, style and color. Vinyl graphics can be used for a wide variety of purposes. One of their largest appeals is complete flexibility. Whether you want cut lettering to promote healthy thinking (think inspirational quotes or school motto), your logo and images displayed throughout the school, or a full wall mural, vinyl graphics give you the freedom to transform the space! Vinyl graphics can adhere to the drywall, stairwells, stone, wood, and even lockers! Truly any surface is fair game!


Interior Building Signs: Take your Branding inside

No need to hold branding and school spirit to the exterior of the school and affiliated buildings. Between custom logo signs, memorial plaques, panel signs, and dimensional letters you can transform your lobby as well as other common areas with school spirit!

With every option being fully customizable, regardless of the space available or the goal of the interior building signs we can accommodate you! Some popular interior school signs are logo signs and crests, memorial plaques, and achievement signs.

Evacuation Maps and Emergency Signs: 

Between emergency drills and true emergencies, having a clearly defined and accessible emergency sign package is critical! These packages include evacuation maps, exit signs, in case of emergency signs, and navigational elements. Critically important for safety in larger complexes, guidance on where to go during an emergency is essential to a safe and controlled evacuation.

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Temporary Signs: Banners and Yard signs

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Did your school recently win a big event? Did they participate in a charity event? Any achievement can be recognized with a custom sign. There is nothing that gets the student body to rally around their teams than recognizing and displaying their achievements. Banners are a great way to honor achievements and athletic victories. Additionally, banners work well as a way to promote upcoming events, games and fundraisers. The term ‘banners’ includes traditional banners, retractable banner stands as well as banners that hang on poles in parking lots. With so many styles and low cost, banners are perfect for event signs.

Similarly to banners, yard signs are a great temporary sign option for schools. Yard signs are easy to buy in bulk, they are affordable and they do wonders to promote events and even serve as a way-finding solution for these events.

Overview: Top Signs for Schools

Schools are a place for students to thrive. A great way to create a sense of community and sense of school pride is through a well executed sign package. We work with many schools in the area to transform their spaces one piece at a time! Whether you are ready to complete an entire rebrand and update all your signs, are building a new school or are ready to slowly start making changes, we are here to help!

You can trust the experts at Paramount Signs to design fabricate and install your signs to your exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more about getting started!

We believe that getting you noticed is PARAMOUNT!

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