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When you interior space displays your brand, it reflects on the pride you have in your business. Interior signage shows your customers you’re proud of your business and you will do your best to maintain that image.  Wall logos show professionalism, give the sense of permanence and projects the image of stability.

Because of the many options available for wall signs, it’s best to hire a professional sign company to partner with. At Paramount Signs we pride ourselves with spending the time to get to know you and your business. We feel that allows us to create the perfect sign that meets your goals.

Some sign types to consider:

Wall vinyl graphics:

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This material offers a budget friendly option without compromising appearance. A well done digitally printed wall graphic sign can certainly be effective. It can allow the presentation of certain images that cannot be achieved with a dimensional sign.

Dimensional letters:

These will add additional interest and texture to the sign. Custom cut to your specifications allows a limitless variation in shapes, styles and colors.

Dimensional logos:

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Dimensional logos really add a wow factor like no other. Whether it’s a plaque with a digital print, custom contoured shapes or a carved sign with multiple dimensional features. These will certainly bring life into a space. They also create a memorable image in your customers eyes. They will look at your logo observing all the features carved into the sign.

Dimensional panels and plaques:

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This option allows the control and creation of the sign background. Add any of the above options to a panel or plaque adds more dimensions. It also allows you to control the background texture and color for an amazing look.

One last feature that in certain situations really makes a statement, Illumination. Illuminating your sign really shows you have arrived. Applying illumination from a halo effect to front lit features to side illuminated acrylic offering a special effect not often seen.

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So you can see that with all these options, partnering with an experienced company like Paramount Signs will really benefit the outcome of your sign. Not all features fit all spaces and conditions. Logo’s, messaging, text fonts, wall size, background colors all come into play when evaluating the options.

At Paramount Signs, we feel that the only way we will succeed as a business is if we help you succeed in your business. If you’re considering wall signs for your interior space, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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