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We post quite a bit on the effectiveness of vehicle wraps. With the potential of 30-80,000 impressions per day, it’s hard to dispute that this medium drives results. Studies show that vehicle advertising will boost name recognition 15 times more than other advertising media. So why wouldn’t you use this method of getting your business recognized?

Delivery methods of products and services will always require some means of reaching the end user. Whether repair services, product deliveries or contractor services, they all require vehicles to service their customer. Even companies who provided sedans for general transportation will benefit from wraps.

Jimmy Nomad: Starting the Process

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We recently worked with an individual that has the ability to work remotely. According to Forbes, 25% of American jobs will be remote by the end of 2022. Our customer has worked remote since the Covid pandemic hit. He has since transformed his life by traveling while he works, all the while teaching others how to do the same. After much thought on the method of travel, logistics and ease of mobility, he decide to purchase a truck bed camper. These reasonably priced, portable and relatively maintenance free campers offer ease for nomadic life.

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In order to aid others in living a nomadic lifestyle he aims to gain attention and get his brand noticed as he travels. To help gain recognition during his travels and attract interest in this new world of remote working, he decided to wrap the camper to advertise this new way of working.

Jim approached Paramount Signs to create his camper wrap. He came to us with a design and worked with our design team to create a final design that will fit properly on the camper with critical elements avoiding physical features on the camper. The design included his logo and website info. Even though his design concept was complete, our designers had to adapt and edit the design to fit the 3-D nature of the physical camper.

Some areas to consider for a successful install:

Initial evaluation of design:

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Every vehicle has different trim, handles and other obstacles that designs must account for. An experienced designer will know if a particular design or design feature will not work and how a given design will fit a given vehicle. The earlier you know what you can and cannot do, the smoother the process goes! Many times the changes simply require an adjustment to lettering or design in order to account for features that may interrupt the flow and message.

Contours and curves:

The appearance of the design on the vehicle needs to look seamless. This requires a skilled designer to transform the 2D design to a 3D surface. Additionally, elements such as logos, text and other key items must carefully avoid areas with low visibility.

Exterior trim and accessories:

Similarly to ensuring color and curves fit with the design, looking at the trim and elements of the door requires attention. Items like door handles, trim or other exterior accessories can cause major issues with graphics. By noting them early we can ensure visibility and cohesive imagery.

jim mahan passanger rear scaled 1

The Execution:

We used high performance 3M vinyl printed on our HP360 printer. The curvy contours and physical elements such as windows, accessory access panels etc., created a real challenge for the installation. We had taken our time to make sure the logo remained visible and did not get interrupted by exterior lights and speakers. Many elements required removal in order to get as much coverage as possibly while reducing seams.

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The end result speaks for itself. Jim will have no problem getting noticed. As he begins his travels, he will surely attract attention and followers. We are happy to be a part of this project and look forward to following Jim’s travels and posts.

If you are considering a special wrap for your vehicle, whether it’s a sedan, truck, van or camper, give the experts a call at Paramount Signs for a free consultation.

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