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Dimensional letters and logos have dominated the interior branding space for years. That said, this product has a place in the exterior signage space as well. With so many materials and mounting options available to make your sign stand out, dimensional letters should be considered for your next signage option.

Customizable Dimensional Letter Materials:

One of the primary benefits to dimensional letters and logos lies in the plethora of materials and finishes available. Some of these materials include plastic, acrylic, aluminum, bronze, brass and more providing for every application.


The first style, plastic letters, offer durability at an affordable price. Available in formed and injection molding, plastic materials allows us to add another dimension to the sign. Due to production processes for plastic lettering, only certain fonts are available. The standard fonts, however, cover a wide berth of styles and options.

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The second material style, acrylic letters, provide a clean finish in any font or shape you desire! Colored acrylic and painted options dominate the market. Additionally, acrylic lasts well in the elements but when it comes to impact resistance is somewhat fragile.

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Comparatively, aluminum, offers a level of durability and impact resistance that the other materials cannot. It offers a fairly smooth surface and has several finishes. Polished, brushed and painted. Additionally, aluminum offers fabrication styles ranging from flat cut letters, fabricated channel style letters and cast lettering.


The fourth and probably most expensive option, bronze and brass materials, typically only get used as cast style letters. This style creates a high end look.

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Customizable Mounting Methods:

Similarly to the appeal of many material options, the wide variety of mounting options allows for a truly unique finished appearance. For example, elements can mount flush to the surfaces or with some distance using standoffs allowing for shadows.

Flush mount:

With a flush mounted letter or logo the letter gets mounted directly to the surface with either pins drilled into the wall or double sided tape. The mounting method depends on the type of letter/logo. Mounting style greatly depends on the material type, thickness and the surface for mounting.

Standoff mount:

Mounting letters on standoffs will space the letter away from the wall. This creates another dimension and interest to the sign.

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Custom dimensional letters in a local medical office.

Recent Exterior Dimensional Letter Project: Destination Salon & Spa

We recently teamed up with Destination Salon and Spa to help them create the perfect sign for their new Salon. They wanted a style that shows their upscale salon without coming off as pretentious. Located in a rural location, they were concerned with how their salon would fit within the whole aesthetic of the community. Since they work traditional hours they did not want lighting for their location so we narrowed the scope to dimensional letters. The location also did not present a potential for objects to impact the sign so we selected acrylic for its appearance and cost.

Our design team went to work. Due to the layout of the building, the store front and the emergency lighting located centrally above their door, our designers carefully designed the layout. They opted for placing the letters on either side of the emergency light so the light would not detract from the sign. The script style font created that upscale appearance. The black letters against the white background provided the perfect contrast to make their sign stand out.

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Our customer was beyond happy with the final appearance!

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