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Monument signs make a lasting impression for your business. Not only do they identify your location, they project the first impression of your organization. Monument signs provide the impression of a successful business that has permanence. A well done monument sign also has the ability to create a positive memory of your organization. On the other hand, a poorly maintained sign may create the perception that the organization lacks in success and quality. As you go through your daily travels, pay attention to the monument signs you pass and think about how you feel about your first impression. You will be surprised at how that one sign impacts your thoughts about an organization.

What goes into choosing a monument sign?

Due to the large variety in options, it’s important to select a sign company that wants to help you succeed. At Paramount Signs, we like to spend the time with our customers to get a feel for their business and the impression the owner wants to project. Additionally, materials selected for the project should be in line with the customers goals in regards to impression, durability and budget. Wondering where to start?

community hall sign scaled 3Some materials to consider:

Wood: Budget friendly, fair durability with constant maintenance

Aluminum: Limited in design features in regards to certain shapes. Very durable and provides a high end appearance.

Brick and mortar: one of the higher cost options but one of the most durable options available.

Synthetic monuments: Provides a good balance between durability and budget.

20200512 130510 scaled 1A look into a recent project:

We recently worked with a regular customer of ours to create a new sign for one of their public parks. We have done varied styles of signs utilizing a wide range of materials to meet their goals. The original wooden sign at this particular location had issues with maintenance and durability. As such, they knew they wanted to go a different direction.

Although high grade exterior plywood and pressure treated posts work well for some applications, they require maintenance like regular cleaning and painting in order to extend the life of the sign. So in this project, the customer wanted a maintenance free monument sign within a specified budget. While we could have gone many different routes in regards to design and materials, in order to meet the specific requirements of this project, we selected a synthetic brick monument with dimensional features.

20211108 144106 scaled 1In addition to the high durability of this style of sign, it is of the least expensive styles to install which fit well within the customers budget. After gaining approval on the design, we had Peachtree City Foamcraft produce the synthetic monument to our specifications. Upon receipt of the monument we could quickly schedule the installation. The customer will landscape around the monument to help with the field maintained in regards to grass cutting and trimming. This also will prevent inadvertent hits from a lawn mower or other maintenance equipment.

The end result is a field monument that identifies a public park that has a consistent appearance with design queues and colors that match the municipalities branding.

Looking for a monument , give the experts at Paramount Signs a call.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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