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Car and Truck wraps undisputedly work in getting you noticed. Research shows that a car or truck wraps will, on average get you 30,000-80,000 impressions a day. That’s 2-1/2 times more than static bill boards. Additionally, vehicle wraps have the best cost per impression compared to other advertising mediums.

If your business has trucks and company cars, why wouldn’t you advertise on those vehicles? Turning an asset from an expense to a revenue generating machine just makes sense! Even if you don’t have company vehicles, many programs allow you to advertise on other vehicles for an additional fee.

braulio driver 1 1  Compliance Graphics

Beyond the advertising realm of vehicle graphics, some  graphics serve to appease compliance regulations. Many vehicles require MC numbers and USDOT numbers. Additionally, the legal name or trade name must get displayed on your vehicle.

US-DOT number: Required for carriers operating in interstate commerce.  See the FMCSA website to determine if you need a DOT number.

MC number: Identifies a carrier who transports regulated commodities in interstate commerce. See this link to the FMCSA site for MC number requirements.

Recently we completed two truck wraps where one truck did not need the US DOT or MC number and the other truck did require the US DOT and MC number.

littles wrap front and passanger scaled 1A Look into Recent Jobs:

We wrapped a field service truck for a local John Deere dealer. The truck transports lawn service equipment on site so that the customer does not have to transport their lawn equipment to the dealer.

The wrap gives this dealer exposure in the service area they serve while on the job. It makes total sense to utilize this asset as a mobile billboard while out servicing customers. The neighbor will see the truck next door and may consider contacting them for their lawn equipment service.

Another customer who purchased a large Semi-Trailer truck needed to add his own US-DOT number and MC number. They also needed to add their legal or trade name to the truck. They had a new logo created which we combined with contact information to make a bold lettering design. We used high performance 3M vinyl and laminate for durability. We printed the logo’s on our HP Latex printer and then contour cut the outline.

trucking bucks install 2Because the old DOT numbers were painted over by a contractor and could not be removed without repainting, we digitally printed the US-DOT, MC, VIN and GVW decal and contour cut to be same size as the access door. We matched the background to the truck color resulting in a nearly undetectable decal.

If you wish to read more on vehicle graphics, click on this link and request a free Vehicle Graphics Fact Sheet.

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Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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