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What is a donor/ recognition wall?

A quality donor wall allows for an organization or foundation to beautifully display those who have contributed funds. By making donors a focal point, organizations both show thanks and drive others to donate.

There is no one size fits all approach for donor walls. Each organization has a particular calling and mission that requires a unique, specific look and feel that conveys the core of the company’s mission.

Donor walls can serve different purposes making the contents fully customizable. Some organizations use these walls to reflect the core values and mission statements of their organization in conjunction with donations. On the other hand, some opt to simply reflect the names of key contributors that make the organization a success. Overall the customizable nature allows anything to go!

At Paramount Signs we work hard to understand what your organization has achieved and how those achievements work to retain existing contributors as well as draw new members.

Devon Horse Show Wall of Honor:

We recently worked with The Devon Horse Show to upgrade their recognition wall. This organization has an incredible history starting in 1896. By 1914 the show had become the largest outdoor horse show in the country. As prestigious as this event has become, they work hard to retain the local traditions. So we worked with their team to upgrade the appearance of the Donor Wall without going outside of the traditional appearance of the fairgrounds.

With this particular project, we had several elements to address:

The Previous Donor Wall:

As an organization with a longstanding history, a donor wall already had a place on the grounds. This wall consisted of several magnetic receptive surfaces with vinyl as the color surface. This allowed the placement of magnetic donor names and magnetic category identifiers. While this solution allowed for flexibility, the organization did not feel this style represented the prestige of the event.

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Customer Dissatisfaction with the Original Style:

Again, the magnetic solution posed as a flexible solution for the changing levels of donation for the organization. However, the owners had some large complaints. In the case of this particular wall, the appearance of the wall did not match the prestige of the events or mirror the level of donation. Additionally, there was no true consistency with the magnets, colors and organization. Some of the customers’ most notable complaints were that the magnets could never be kept square and always looked disorganized and the vinyl on them had started to fade and peel.

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New Style and New Solutions:

We addressed the main wall by removing the existing panels and replace with pre-painted aluminum composite panels as the full backdrop. This material is very durable with a high-performance polyester coating which will retain its appearance for years to come. By installing these panels we successfully created a clean template for us to work off of already adding a clean and fresh look.

Donor Identification for the New Wall:

To identify the different levels of commitment, we selected a 1/2″ PVC material to create dimension and interest to the wall. Applying a digitally printed and laminated high-performance vinyl graphic made the categories stand out for easy identification.

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For the actual donor names, we wanted to make sure they would stand out first and foremost. We selected .090 aluminum panels with high-performance digitally printed and laminated vinyl. We then mounted the panels on Stainless Steel standoffs to again create dimension to the wall.

Staying true to the tradition of the fairgrounds, we carried through the “Devon Blue” color. This color we utilized at various opacities to create interest and found complementary shades. In order to identify levels of commitment that contributors have achieved, we used category headers that used the traditional colors and font types that are familiar throughout the facility. Not only does this help keep consistency throughout, but also makes the wall a staple for the facility! Using materials like aluminum, PVC and stainless steel for durability while adding dimension and interest to the wall.

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The Final Result:

Contrary to the original style, the final design allowed for an organized design that will last! Over time as names change panels can be easily replaced allowing this style to last the test of time for this organization! Besides creating a custom and clean look for this new donor wall, the wall maintains the branding for the organization! Our clients were thrilled and are eager to show off the wall this year at their show! No better way to open back up to the public than with a fresh new focal display.

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If you go to the Devon Horse Show and County Fair this year look for the custom donor wall! In reality, it will be hard to miss!

If you are considering updating or creating a recognition wall for your supporters, contact the experts at Paramount Signs or give us a call!

Remember “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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