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What is an awning?

Awnings provide not only protection from the elements, but also add a design element to your space as well as valuable advertising or way-finding component. A well-designed and installed awning provides shade and protection from the elements. Customers appreciate an area where they can take cover during a downpour or just to take a monument to get out of the sun.

awning 300 scaled 1How do awnings add to your business?

An awning’s work does not end with weather protection. A well-designed awning adds interest to the surrounding architecture making your business stand out. Additionally, with a branded awning, your customers are sure to find your business as well as attract new customers.

Awnings also serve as wayfinding signage. This can mean displaying your name, your address, the unit number as well as building names. We recently completed a project at The Glen Apartments in Lafayette Hill. As part of their renovation projects, they were interested in adding awnings to identify the individual building numbers as well as provide a nice architectural detail to the appearance of the entrances.

We met with their team on-site to review different styles of awnings as well as customize one of those styles to fit their vision. Several standard options are available to consider as a basic starting point.

clean slate goods awning 1 scaled 1Traditional Awnings:

Traditional awnings have a fixed frame with a downward slope. This style serves as the staple and most popular option. That said, a traditional awning can include many custom features making it unique to fit your application. For example elements such as slope and length can vary to provide shade and branding without obstructing your view.

convexConvex Awnings:

Contrary to a traditional awning, a convex awning features an outward curve instead of a straight angle. The curve creates a unique look that works well over windows and smaller entrances.

dome awning vector 543718 e1647444703454Dome Awnings:

Dome awnings are similar to convex only the unit is completely rounded instead of having a straight edge on the end of the awning.

awning 100a scaled 1These basic styles typically help to get us to a starting point. Then we can work with the customer to develop a design that meets their needs as well as provides functionality.

For The Glen Apartments, the customer selected the traditional style, but with a steep slope and no sides. Since the awning was set back in a recess of the building, sides were not necessary. The steep slope design created an upscale appearance. We also included the building number on the face of the awning to provide a wayfinding element to the functionality of the unit.

Custom branded awnings provide a great option to dress up your business, provide protection from the elements for your customer as well as display your business brand making you stand out from the competition.

Considering upgrading your business’s exterior? Give the experts at Paramount Signs a call for a free consultation.

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