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When people talk about wraps, they typically think car or truck wraps. Vehicle wraps, undoubtedly come to mind because of the high visibility on the highways. This validates the effectiveness of vehicle wraps.

However, there a many other applications that most people don’t identify as a graphic or a wrap. These wraps surround us every day even though we don’t think of them as wraps. Wall murals, the freezers and coolers in grocery stores, refrigerators and more.

Just to get an idea of the diversity of wrap applications, we have listed a few applications that we have done in the past.

unnamed 5Helmet wraps

We had created a wrap for a family that had an infant going through infant skull shape therapy. The family wanted something fun for their son to help him feel special. The little boy loved airplanes, so we created a vintage aviator themed graphic. We scanned his mothers writing with his name and incorporated that into the graphic. In addition to the family being thrilled with the final result, the little boy didn’t want to go anywhere without his helmet.

usa tub scaled 1Athletic post workout ice tubs

Another unique job we completed was for a sponsor of a soccer clinic providing recovery ice tubs. They wanted to add logos to the tubs for this particular event. The portable tubs, similar in style to blow up kiddy pools, have a low energy surface making it difficult for normal adhesive vinyl to adhere.

We worked with our 3M representative and tested several super hi-tac vinyls. The 3M IJ39 produced the desired results. We completed the project but the real test was in the application. Ice water filled tubs while the branding decals remained in the bottom of the tubs. Athletes moved in and out of the tubs all day long for 3 days. The customer was extremely happy that the decals held up for the event.

20180202 141925 scaled 1Protective Vent Cover

A property management firm was required to build a protective vent cover along side of one of their buildings. They didn’t want to just place a fabricated cover in place that would detract from the appearance of the property. So they had asked Paramount Signs for some ideas on how to create a design that would fit in with the area. We created a design that would skin the steel cage cover with an aluminum cover and then wrap the skin with the state flag. The end result protected the vent while displaying state pride.

mom pops cooler wrap 3 scaled 1 1Cooler Wraps

A local business that produces healthy frozen pops revamped their brand and wanted to update their freezers and portable coolers. The coolers already had a wrap on them so we had to remove the old wrap and install the new. Similarly to vehicle wraps, we used 3M’s high performance IJ180 vinyl for conformability and long life as these carts work outdoors. The durability for this material with a UV protecting laminate will provide years of service for MomPops.

As you can see, there’s endless applications for vinyl wraps. If you have a need to display your brand, logo or even just enhance the appearance of something in your business, give the experts at Paramount Signs a call. Our experienced and creative design staff can create something special for your needs.

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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