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You want to make your community stand out from your competitors, especially within today’s market. Your community should be easy to find, navigate and safe for your tenants. Many property owners work hard to create an environment that is unique in order to target the demographic and overall fit for its location. Attempting a one-size-fits-all approach usually fails as it does not meet the needs of residents and future tenants in that location.

With so many different types of signage needed in a community setting, it’s important to consider the overall sign package in order to create a cohesive and smart approach that provides attractive and informative messaging that fits in with the environment. Done properly, the signage will project an environment of safety, trust, and familiarity that translates into more long-term and reliable residents as well as attract new residents.

So, what type of signage must you consider?

Monument Signs

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Foamcore Faux stone columns with internally lit sign cabinets.

Monument signs stand out as the first impression helping tenants and visitors locate the apartment community. T he variety of materials available allows the designer to create a sign that includes architectural queues of the buildings. This helps communicate to the viewer that this sign belongs to this community. Several illumination options are available depending on design to improve visibility at night.

Entrance Signs

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Typically entrance signs can be found in a post and panel configuration. These signs usually welcome guests while providing navigation information. Contact info and leasing office info often can also be found on these signs. These signs primarily benefit prospective tenants and visitors.

Parking and Traffic Signs

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With 20% of automobile accidents occurring in parking lots, it makes sense to add directional signage to try and mitigate collisions. The findings indicate that when we enter a parking lot, we let ourselves slip into a false sense of security. We let our guard down and while looking for an address or location.

Integrating helpful signage throughout your parking lots will limit distractions and reduce your community’s risk of accident liability.

Most importantly, signage such as handicapped parking and accessibility signs keep you in compliance with ADA regulations.

Apartment Building Address Signs and Unit Numbers:

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Every apartment community has building and unit numbers. These signs serve as a way for tenants, delivery drivers and emergency responders to locate the right unit. Building identification signs obviously must be easily seen from normal traffic flows. Naturally, this is helpful and necessary directional information that’s useful to everyone. Regulations surrounding building markers and emergency services may vary depending upon your city so be sure to check with your city to ensure you’re in full compliance.

Apart from aiding emergency services, there’s also another consideration that’s increasingly affecting more of your residents’ daily lives: On-demand food delivery and other convenience-focused services.

Wayfinding Signs

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The lack of wayfinding and safety signage greatly degrades the overall experience of your residents. Residents want to easily navigate from their building to your grill area, pool or dog park. This leaves the opportunity for branded wayfinding signage throughout your property.

The real value of wayfinding signage lies in its power as a cost-saver for your company! Additionally, they can help keep your residents (and their pets) safe and healthy.

Community Maps

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Community Maps have become more and more popular. Typically located in the clubhouse or leasing office, this map serves as a wayfinding tool as well as a great sales tool while entertaining potential tenants to display your community layout. They also provide information about amenities such as a clubhouse or pool. In some cases, these maps may feature useful neighborhood information.

With so many signage opportunities to make your community a great experience for your tenants, it is more important than ever to ensure that you create a cohesive and branded signage package for your property! If that sounds overwhelming no need to worry! Paramount Signs is here to do the job for you. We can take the load off your plate and manage the process and project from start to finish. Give us a call for a free consultation.

Remember “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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