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In the past two years, we have seen many entrepreneurs leave their corporate jobs and create their own businesses that fit their passions. Creating new markets, unique products and services mean the standard catalog of signage available on the internet will not fit their unique branding. That is where Paramount Signs can help. We work with businesses to create a new brand complete with interior and exterior signage and displays.

To help the new entrepreneur navigate the options available to them, we broke out some popular offerings. All of our custom products work to make your business stand out to potential customers. That said, this list only covers some popular options, as a custom sign shop we can create endless unique solutions to fit your space, business and budget!

old skool logo final copy 1Logos and Branding:

When you open a new business, create bold art to represent your brand. Creating a brand starts with understanding you and what you want for your business. Our team of designers will work with you to formalize what your brand represents and then create a logo, a branding guide and imagery that can transcend through the entirety of your business. Some businesses already have a logo, we will happily work with art from elsewhere to formalize your brand.

After you have a brand identity it is time to display your brand to the public and drive business.

Feather flags, banners and new pylon sign panels:

When you open a new business your customers need the ability to find your space. These products create a lot of visibility at a low cost. One of the many benefits is the temporary nature. When it comes to designing temporary signage our designers take into account all elements of your business. For example, the foot traffic, roadways and store frontage. Simple but branded signs help get you noticed!

Building Signage:

marigold spa wall sign 2 scaled 5When you open a brick and mortar space, making sure it appears clean and beautiful remains paramount. Adding a permanent sign on the face of your building allows for your branding to extend beyond your physical space.

With many popular building sign options, we thought it necessary to break a few styles down. While each option has its own benefits, we must note that sometimes the allowed style of sign is strictly outlined in your lease as well as the municipal code.

Panel Signs:

The first style, a flat panel sign, consists of a panel with a graphic on the face. The panels can vary in thickness to provide some depth as well as varying in shape from a rectangular to a flower if your branding calls for it!

chamberlain chiropractic 6 2Dimensional Signs:

The second style includes an added element of dimension. These signs can vary from a carved panel sign that adds a lot of character relative to a flat panel sign, to individually cut letters or logo that then get mounted individually on the building wall or panel.

Lighting elements:

When it comes to panel or dimensional signage signs, you can gain traction during daylight but without internal lighting require external lighting in order to ensure visibility for businesses open during the evenings. On the other hand, we offer some styles with internal lighting.

lupo channel letters scaled 1Illuminated sign cabinets:

The third and most visible style of a building sign, the illuminated cabinet, provides the most visible display of content. Similar to either of the previous styles, the shape of the cabinet can match that of your branding.

Channel Letters:

The fourth and often most sought after style of building sign, the channel letter, allows for a clean and polished look. Options for channel letters vary from front illuminated (glowing through the front), or halo illuminated (glowing around the back.) Both styles create a bold and easy-to-read beacon for your business. That said, we can also combine a sign cabinet with your channel letter set to include your name and your logo imagery!

Interior Signage:

general air full wall 3 10At Paramount Signs, we can create an environment that will wow your customer. No surface should be immune to branding! We can create full coverage “wallpaper” style graphics to cover your walls in branding, we can create custom cut graphics of your logo for your walls, windows and floor and that’s only the beginning!

Vinyl Graphics:

Utilizing vinyl graphics around your space to create wall murals, display your logo allows you to create a cohesive environment within your space! Think of vinyl graphics as the backbone of interior branding!

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Interior Wall Signs & Displays:

Similar to exterior signs, the options for physical signage allow for a polished look. Styles like panels, cabinets and lettering all have a strong hold on transforming interior spaces. We also create wall graphic displays that allow the owner to change out the display for seasonal promotions, new product releases or just adding interest to the interior décor. From hard panel displays to fabric displays that are illuminated to draw attention, we have the product and design talent to bring your space to life.

Regardless of where your business stands in the process, we want to help! We want to partner with you to create a unique and memorable experience within your retail space. Our designers seek to unleash the endless possibilities that come along with launching a brand. Make signage one less thing you have to worry about!

You are passionate about what you do, so are we! Let us help! Contact our team today to get started!

Remember, “getting you noticed is Paramount”

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