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The new normal. What does that really mean? Truthfully, we are all just trying to adapt as things develop. What we do know: many viruses and flu’s spread through the air and surface contact. In addition to Covid-19 and its high contagion rate, traditional season viruses has changed the game for how businesses operate.

Over the past few years what we know about airborne diseases, in general, has grown. The masses now understand how preventive measures such as masks, social distancing, and protective barriers help reduce the transmission of not only COVID, but also flu viruses. Having said that, obviously, all business want to avoid their workforce getting sick.

For many years, plastic screens or splash shields have covered buffets and food counters to prevent contamination. Clear sneeze guards have since found a home in a number of industries creating a barrier between store clerks, bank tellers, and receptionist and their customers. This helps protect both employees and guests from the spread of infectious illnesses, especially in peak seasons.

Below we have addressed some frequently Asked Questions About the Types, Uses and Applications of Sneeze Guards

img 5873 scaled 1 What is a Sneeze Guard?

A Sneeze Guard is a durable, lightweight acrylic panel that serves as a physical barrier between employees and customers as a way to prevent droplets from contaminating surfaces and infecting other people. With the prevalence of asymptomatic carriers, these work as a smart and safe solution for anyone dealing with the public.

Where are Sneeze Guards used?

Sneeze Guards can work well anywhere but they primarily work in high traffic areas. From shopping centers, banks, retail businesses to restaurants. You typically will find them around cash registers.

screen scaled 1What kinds of Sneeze Guards are available?

There are many kinds of sneeze guards available. With many mounting system options available, we can customize the sneeze guard to any surface and setting. The traditional style of sneeze guard appears like glass with a clear appearance. The durable clear acrylic allows for panels to fit your exact needs or you can select a standard design. In addition to traditional sneeze guards, clear divider panels provide not only protection but also serve as a means to divide a space while allowing light and visibility. They work as an alternative to the standard cubicle.

How are Sneeze Guards mounted?

There are many popular mounting applications for sneeze guards.

The first style, a Freestanding Sneeze Guard, remains popular due to its portable and durable nature.

The second style, the Tri-fold Sneeze Guard, allows for 3 panels to angle and fit within a specific space. These free-standing guards have a fastener between the panels allowing them to change angles.

img 2642The third style, the Face-mount Sneeze Guards, are popular as a more permanent structure. The custom-cut acrylic panel gets secured to the face of a table/desk/counter allowing for a permanent and secure fixture.

The fourth style, the Cable-suspended Sneeze Guard, works well when no surface can easily support a traditional mounting method. The custom-cut acrylic gets hung on cables at the desired height. Custom mounting solutions can be discussed to fit your business and needs.

There are endless options and configurations to fit any need. At Paramount Signs we aim to support your business in meeting the safety requirements you need to help minimize the risk to your employees and customers. We have standard model sneeze guards available as well as custom designs to your specific needs.

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